Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Chapter 2 page 177 - TR 68

Today's weather in just one word - GORGEOUS! 72 degrees, light breeze, sunny skies.

Although we were going to do a 2:2 10K for our training today, we opted for a 4.5 mile walk which was A-OK with me. "C" hurt her back on Sunday and it was really bothering her. I'm totally in favor of having it heal so there was no need to push it.

We will try a light and easy 2:2 5K on Thursday.

On unrelated topics:
1. Thanks everyone for your very kind words on my "hay in the barn" recent post. I love hearing from so many new bloggers. I felt very uplifted reading your motivational statements. I will try hard not to let anyone down.
2. Congratulations "B" on getting a 31 (woo hoo!!!!). I never doubted you!!!!!!!
3. "L", we missed you during the walk, but were so excited to see you and the kiddos at the end - thanks for taking a few minutes to visit.


  1. It was definitely a gorgeous day out today!! :D Great day for a walk! :) Hopefully C's back heals quickly! :)

  2. Glad you got out and enjoyed the weather. Me, personally, I thought it was the perfect night for ice cream ;) And I'm glad you are feeling uplifted but don't worry about letting anyone down. I think what you've done already is amazing - how can you let anyone down?

    I hope C's back feels better!