Friday, March 4, 2011

Chapter 2 page 250 - hot rock goddess!

As I have posted numerous times - I have found a GEM in our little town. Her name is Ashley Peterson and she is a gifted certified massage therapist! I have experienced many of her talents including therapeutic massages, hot rock massages, and active isolated stretching sessions. Each time, Ashley has provided me with tremendous relief from my aches and pains, reduced stress, and educated me on my muscular issues.

Here are 2 examples of how she has performed amazing feats -
1. You may recall that right after Thanksgiving I fell. My right ankle was really sore and I assumed I had sprained it. I had a massage already scheduled and during the session she said my muscles around my shin were really tight. She worked on them and "pow" my ankle pain was completely gone. It turns out that I hadn't sprained my ankle at all - just tight muscles from the fall.

2. As you know, my right knee has been hurting for the past month or so. I had gone to the orthopeadic surgeon and given zero guidance. I had a massage already scheduled and once again, Ashley found that the muscles on the outside of my right knee were really tight and pulling the fibula out of place a bit. She massaged it (not going to lie - it was very intense) thoroughly and on my next run, my pain had decreased by 50%. During a second massage, a week later, Ashley once again targeted the outer knee muscles and my pain is virtually gone.

I have pretty good insurance and as such, it covers a chiropractic adjustment and hour long massage (even upgraded to a hot rock massage) for the same co-pay. I've introduced Ashley to a few of my friends and they think she is amazing as well.

You can check her services out for yourself by clicking HERE.

Those of you who are near this lil' burg absolutely will NOT be disappointed in your 30-60 minutes spent with Ashley. Everyone needs a little "escape". Ashley will provide you with the perfect stress reduction, tension freeing, and overall feel-good time ever.

Need a creative gift to buy someone who has everything - consider a gift certificate for a massage from Ashley. Need a thank you gift for a friend, your child's teacher, co-worker, or neighbor - an Ashley Peterson massage gift certificate would be one gift thoroughly enjoyed. Have a friend who has a lot of pain from arthritis, athletics, or other medical issue - consider giving them an Ashley Peterson massage gift certificate. Know anyone pregnant or who has small children and could really use a relaxing massage - consider giving them an Ashley Peterson massage gift certificate. I've purchased several gift certificates over the past couple of years - once a Christmas present for my boss, a couple of times as a "just because" gift for friends, and several birthday presents for friends and co-workers.


  1. There you are!

    Yeah I'm jealous. I'm pretty sure hot rock massage is NOT covered by my insurance.

  2. @ Holly - it might be as part of a chiropractic billing (it's worth checking call Sell Chiropractic at 260-824-9944 just to ask if they bill your insurance - you don't have to use Sell Chiro, but if they tell you it's covered then you can look to another provider). I've had LOTS of my friends use their insurance (Lutheran Preferred, 3 Rivers, PHP, etc) to get massage covered - it's really easier than most people think.

  3. yay for no more knee pain!! :) A massage sounds wonderful!

  4. Lisa, you are AWESOME!! Seriously, you're wonderful. Thank you, thank you, thank you! So glad we got rid of the knee/ankle pain!! (oh and the traps:-D)