Sunday, March 13, 2011

Chapter 2 page 260 - Committed . . . again!

Fort4Fitness 2011
Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)

Saturday, September 24, 2011 in Fort Wayne, IN at Parkview Field - Downtown


Yep, I've signed up so that I can still get the early-bird discount which ends on 4/15. I had a BLAST at this race last year . . . it was my first half-marathon. For those of you who live in the midwest, this is a MUST DO race - come to the Summit City and join 10,000 people run this very well organized race.

Momma of 3 on the Run, in case you're reading this, I vote you and Heidi come for the weekend - "C" and I will make sure you have a GREAT time.

Top 10 Reasons for doing this race:

1. It's only $40 for the half marathon (there are also a 4 miler and 10K distances which are cheaper).
2. The L/S Tech shirts ARE awesome (last year they were quarter zip - NICE!)
3. The course is flat and fast and features music at various locations.
4. The finish is outstanding - run into the baseball stadium and around the bases and cross the finish line at home plate while you are on the jumbo-tron and they announce your name over the stadium PA system. You're a rock star for a few seconds!!!!
5. The race expo isn't packed with vendors, but it does have a LOT of health and wellness vendors there to present a ton of health education on a wide variety of topics
6. The race is truly designed for EVERY level of athlete - from super athletes to recreational walkers - everyone can have the race at their level.
7. If you're from out of town, there are several great hotels within a 3 block radius (one is brand new).
8. The National Guard soldiers are at every intersection - it's such an amazing feeling thanking all of them for their service.
9. Everyone from race volunteers to participants to event organizers are super friendly!!!
10. Drum roll please . . . I'll be there! SMILE!

Want to learn more or want to join me?
Click HERE


  1. I have the early bird deadline marked on my calendar... I'll be making a last minute decision on this one!

  2. I loved the National Guard members last year! They really motivated me to push harder during some of the toughest parts of the race.

    I am so excited that you signed up for this year. Yay!

  3. congrats on signing up for another half!!