Monday, March 21, 2011

Chapter 2 page 262 - TR 91 ten miles of gratitude

Today, I did 10 miles!!! I used my iPod and did 2:2 for the first 7 miles like a champ. The 8th mile was a struggle - I did mostly 2:4. The 9th mile was a killer - I did 2:4. The final mile - seriously - I was literally dying. I walked almost the entire thing and if I had to guess, I would say my last mile time was about 21 minutes.

As difficult as the last 3 miles were,
there were 10 things I was certainly grateful for along the way:

1. At mile 4 3/4, one of my clients "Shakey" rode his bike beside me and chatted with me for 4 minutes. He will NEVER know how much that made all the difference.

2. As I approached the 7 mile mark, I began smiling and beaming with joy (probably the exact moment I had my mental breakdown) - I remembered what it felt like to run around the bases at the F4F (my first half) - I remembered the pride I felt and the joy I experienced. That really got me through mile 6.5-7.

3. I ate chews at mile 3 and 7 (had planned on eating them at mile 6 and probably REALLY should have, but waited until 7 in hopes that I could fill up one of my bottles of water and have enough water to help wash them down . . . total collapse of my inner toughness when I discovered the water fountain wasn't turned on yet - "L" & "C" know how much that really played into my struggle for the last 3 miles.

4. There was a large boulder with a perfect place for my booty at mile 7 - because I had no training partners to deny me - I.SAT.DOWN!!!! I was there for 4 minutes. I texted my husband and "C", ate chews, blew my nose, and ate the rest of my chews. Thank you rock - never forget the time we shared.

5. I'm glad that (God willing) this 10 miler will never be as difficult as it was today.

6. I'm VERY glad to have 8 more weeks before my half - no way could I finish it.

7. I've always known this, but it IS VERY TRUE - I LOVE MY TRAINING PARTNERS. I would never do more than 5K's and maybe a 10K if I didn't have them!!!!

8. Early on, I passed 2 of my co-workers who also happen to be my good friends. It was very nice to see them.

9. I'm thankful for my iPod (thanks Hubby for the Christmas gift).

10. I'm thankful for the extroardinary beautiful weather we had today (67 degrees and sunny when I started - 63 degrees and sun setting when I finished).


  1. Way to tough out that 10-miler! Your next one will be even better and hopefully you'll have the opportunity to run it with your buddies. Congrats!

  2. Good job for getting it done, these kind of runs are what exercise your mental toughness and that is a huge part of training for distance, you're going to do great on your half, keep up the good work! <----That is a run on sentence, LOL.

  3. Holla! I am so proud of you for going on your own. You've come so far! You are going to do fantastic at the half.

    And, just so you know, your shining example of being positive is much needed. Keep it up!

  4. Amazing girl! What a great post! Very inspiring!!!

    Way to start your week too :)