Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chapter 2 page 263 - TR 91 photo proof

Yesterday, while I was resting upon the rock after 7 miles, I took this photo of myself and sent it to "C" who is enjoying a much deserved spring break. I offer it to all of you so you can see what it looks like just before you loose your mind (maybe you could carry a small mirror with you on your next run and give yourself a check every now and then - you know, just to make sure you aren't about to go crazy - SMILE!).

Show of hands who likes my bondi-band? It has a picture of a turtle on it and says "Wanna Race?"

p.s . I know this is probably one of the-most-unflattering photos of myself -but, my small town homies, and quite possibly Kimberly @ Healthy Strides, know this location. Look closely, my booty print is on the middle boulder!


  1. I do, I do know where that is!

    I love the Bondiband!

  2. Love the Bondi Band!

    Loved the comment you left me on yesterdays post! haha I definately took it as a compliment! I am no super woman, I get sore after long runs, and more sore after strength training. In fact, I am still so sore (and tired) I opted to sleep in this morning instead of swim & lift. Hopefully I can squeeze in a little work tonight... maybe lol

  3. Love it! I could use a "compare yourself to crazy" moment pretty frequently! ;)

  4. I love the Bondi Band...and the photo looks so spring like : )

  5. I love reading your blog!! We're about the same pace so I love that too!!! I'm getting ready to train for my first half!! I'm excited and nervous! Do you follow a certain training plan??? I"m nervous about doing the long runs and how long my longest run needs to be!! LOL!!!

  6. @ Allie - do you have a blog I can follow?

    Congrats on committing to your first Half - that's the hardest part of the whole process!!!

    To answer your question, I do use a specific training schedule - you can see it at the top of my blog under the header there is a link called "Half Marathon Training Schedule". Click on it and you can see each week's plan. If you want, I can email you a clean copy of it. I pulled it off the internet, but added a few weeks to it so that I could slow the increase in mileage down a little.

    As far as your other question about how far should your longest training run be - here's my 2 cents . . you hear A LOT out there at races and in the running community that "if you can run 10 miles, then you can run 13." Well, that's definitely NOT me. From training for my first half - I learned there is a HUGE difference between 10 miles and 13 miles!!! So . . . going to the starting line of my first half, I had one 13 mile training run under my belt that way I knew without a doubt that I could go the full 13.1. I had also done 3 10's, 1 11, and 1 12. The schedule at the top of my blog has a 14 mile training run but that's because my May half's starting line is a mile away from the parking lot . . . and I just need to be sure I can do it.

    For my first half, I started training 5 months in advance. I'm not like everyone else who is fast and awesome - I'm slow. The only other thing I would give you a head's up about is that because I'm so slow - my long runs take a really long time . . . they are slow and easy - they are about getting the miles in under my feet NOT about doing it quickly. My 13 mile training run took nearly 4 hours by the time we took a couple of water break and stretched at the end. But, I ended up dropping about 37 minutes from my 13 mile training run to my first half.

    PLEASE share your journey with me - I would LOVE to follow every stride with you.
    Good luck!!!!!

  7. Hey!!! Thanks for the fast reply!! I don't have a blog - I just like to follow others lol!! I'm not that interesting :) I'm in Missouri so I'm kinda close to you! The half I plan to do is in Vegas - well, outside of Vegas, at midnight, under the full moon, near Area 51 LOL!! It's the ET Full Moon Midnight Marathon/Half. It's a good excuse to go to Vegas and it will be dark so if I crash and burn, no one will see it! lol!!! Then, if that goes well, I want to do the RnR St. Louis half - maybe you'll do that one too?? I'm just super nervous about doing the long runs - the longest I've ever done is 6 miles! I've never done the run/walk intervals you do - I usually just walk when I'm tired or to get my breathing under control. I'm thinking I might try that on my next run and see how it goes. I was planning on having my longest run be 10 mi before my half but maybe that's not such a good idea....In my mind I hate the idea of going for 13 miles and not getting a medal out of it!!!! ha!!!!Yeah, I'm a dork!!! I'm also doing all of this solo so that's another stressor!!! Wish you and your running buddies were closer!!!! :) Thanks for the training info - not sure why I wasn't smart enough to look at the top of your blog!!! ha!!!!

  8. Hey!!! Yes, I will definitely email you!!! I'm at work now (evening shift) so won't be able to tonight but will try tomorrow - my mom is going to be in town though, so maybe not until Saturday lol!!! I will DEFINITELY email you though!! Give me a day or two! ha!! I'm AllieCat70@aol.com