Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chapter 2 page 255 - lifstyle revolution update (cholesetrol edition)

As you all may remember (or click HERE for a refresher) I began a lifestyle revolution back on January 28 as a result of my doctor's phone call saying my triglycerides were a little high and that I should take fish oil to lower them. Fish oil is super healthy and the benefits are tremendous, but I just couldn't wrap my head around taking it daily (not at the young age of 35). I decided to completely change my eating habits for 3 months (at which time the doctor wanted to repeat my blood tests) and see where things stand. After 3 months, if they were still high, then I would keep my new lifestyle and add fish oil (I should say that my doctor isn't aware of this plan . . . it's more of just in my head and I've gotten the green light from some other health care providers whom I work with).

So, for the last 5 weeks, I have REALLY limited my consumption of white flour (I don't avoid it all together because my life just couldn't roll like that, but I definitely make an extra effort to limit it). I have also really tried to increase my fruits and veggies to at least the minimum of 5 daily and usually I get the max (9+ servings). The F&V have been the hardest part. Not that I dislike them, but because you can't just get 9 into you day without some concentrated planning and on-point decision making.

As part of my job, one of our benefits is that we can get a free lipid panel (HDL, LDL, triglycerides, and total cholesterol) screening one for free once a year (it's our "birthday gift" - woo hoo, party on man! - it's not exciting, but it is generous). I hadn't used my 2010 birthday gift, so I thought that on Monday it was about the half way point in this 3 month experiment and I thought it was high time to "check in" on my efforts. I was confident that it would be down a few points, but . . . .check this out -

January 11th tests
March 7th tests

Total Cholesterol - down 49 points (isn't that a rock star drop?!!!! woot woot!)

Note: It's preferable to be below 200

LDL ("bad" cholesterol) - down 24 points
Note: It's preferable to be below 100

HDL ("good" cholesterol) - this one is EXTREMELY disappointing (post about this coming soon) - down 11 points (YIKES!!!!!!!!! - already started a plan to focus my efforts for the next 6 weeks on getting this back up)
Note: It's preferable to be above 60 (here, the more the better!)

And now, the whole reason I'm doing this,
Triglycerides - down 61 points!!!! (oh yeah! Kickin' some trig booty!)
Note: It's preferable to be below 150 (as you can see, mine are still considered high, but so much improvement -woo hoo)

So other than my HDL tanking (it's always been 46-48, ALWAYS!) which I am definitely going to spend the next 6 weeks working hard on - I'm THRILLED!!!


  1. I don't know anything about cholesterol and have never checked mine. But sounds good!

    I don't understand how you can get penalized for not having enough of the "good" one. Sounds bizarre to me!

    Do you eat something that makes the "good" one low? I don't understand that part.

  2. Way to go!!! That is quite an accomplishment! Just think how healthy everyone would be if we just ate the way God intended us too!! I am excited for you!!

  3. Yay! With the exception of the low HDL, your test results are great. Is there anything you can do to raise the HDL levels?

  4. Those are definitely rock star drops! It's so great to see that the lifestyle is more than looking good in clothes - it's about improving your health. You are such a great example for people!

    BTW, I agree on white flour. What would you do about the occasional slice of cake? Seriously.