Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Chapter 2 page 472– get your STL eat on!

While in STL for the RnR half, “the gang” did quite a bit of eating . . . YUM!  In case you’re hungry – you might want to come back to this post after you’ve eaten!
Above:  Cheeseburger In Paradise (somewhere in Western IN) – lunch on Friday
Below:  Buffalo chicken wrap (YUM!) with home made chips (BARF!); veggie pizza – both came from a restaurant called Stadium inside of a Casino (FUN) – dinner on Friday
The group (L to R:  moi, MOA, “C”, Jenn, “L”) outside of the Stadium restaurant; on the right is the photo of the restaurant sign plus giant chandelier and wood sculpture I was ‘birthed’ from in a previous photo
Saturday afternoon before tackling the Arch, we went to the cutest place (and most delicious) called “The Cup” – MOA suggested it – awesome!  It was the cutest little “coffee shop” atmosphere, but served cupcakes – the cutest and most awesomely decorated and most delicious cupcakes!
These are the same – MOA got the one on the left featuring a spider ring (who knew she had pet spiders?  news to me!).  These cupcakes were chocolate with peanut butter cream frosting and topped with crushed PB cup candy – YUM!
Can’t remember what the flavors of these were but the one on the left was rimmed with sprinkles and topped with a  fun ring.  The pink breast cancer awareness ribbon and pink ribbed cake was perfectly suited for October.  And last on the far right, can you see what it is?  It’s a mummy – hilarious!!!!! 
100_1872100_1875 - Copy
lisa wqting a cupcake
To carb load, Saturday featured an authentic Italian restaurant in the Old Italy section of the city called “the Hill” – definitely worth going to.  It was crazy busy so you know it had to be good!  “C”, “L” and Jenn looked over the menu using the tree’s landscaped uplighting to read.  The right is the cover of the menu. 
the hill light post flagzias outside with crowdzias the gang photo
Sunday, after the race, we hit another fun tourist spot – the Hard Rock Café – delicious, and fun!  Perfect for after the race!
100_1975100_1976hard rock outside signthe gang at hard rock
Sunday evening, after everyone else left (CHIN, MOA, and Jenn), we went to the hotel’s bar called (drum roll) MARTINIS.  I’m not even making that up (for those of you keeping track, the previous weekend we ate dinner at a restaurant in Columbus called Martinis – not “related” to this Martinis . . . AND my fav adult beverage is a fruity delicious martini – FUN, huh!)  “C” had a diet coke, “L” and I enjoyed a martini – mine was rimmed with pop rocks –oh yeah, that was FUN!  We enjoyed an STL originial – fried ravioli as well as artichoke and spinach dip (not pictured), and a flatbread pizza with veggies – perfect.  We had asked to have a TV turned to the Colts game, but given game 4 of the world series with the hometown team was playing  . . . um, not so much with the Colts game.  We returned to our rooms in time to watch them LOSE 62-7 (head hanging in shame!).
Not pictured – the hotel breakfast buffet on Saturday morning (wow – yum) and breakfast on Monday morning at a Bob Evans in Collinsville, IL. 


  1. A Pop Rock martini? JEALOUS. Looks like some seriously good eats.

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  3. I am definitely interested in that pop rock martini... sounds FANTASTIC! I was hoping to get a drink on Sunday at the airport but due to some technical difficulties I didn't even end up getting to eat and was just glad to make it home!

    And, "buffet doors" :) hah

  4. mmmm I love a good cupcake ... all that food is looking might fine!

  5. Now, I would definitely try a pop rock martini!

    Yum... what delicious looking food! I always enjoy eating out when I'm on vacation, especially if that vacation includes a race. :)