Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Chapter 2 page 482–miles 7-8

These 2 miles weren’t exactly difficult especially since they were so close to the water with stunning views the entire time!  They were; however, a bit remote (I know how stupid that sounds).  This was the part of the route where the turn around occurred and where the HUGE amount of participants (that had brought so much energy) started to dwindle (I love me some crowd energy as you know).  I don’t want to make it sound like I struggled or that I didn’t like this section, but it kind of felt as if we (me and a couple hundred of my new closest running buddies) were out there alone (alone from race officials not alone from other participants). . . like if we would have had a medical emergency that it might have taken SEVERAL minutes for help to arrive.  Maybe just my perception, but it felt rather isolated.  Oh well, it was beautiful.  Here are some of the photos “C” took  - double click on any of them to begin daydreaming!

Big Sur 290Big Sur 291Big Sur 292Big Sur 293

(left)  Me to “C” and MOA:  “Hey guys, I think that’s rain coming”

Big Sur 294Big Sur 296

(right) Can you see the 3 men dressed in tan just ahead of the white shirted person?  They were HILARIOUS – these guys were dressed up as Reno 911 cops – OMG – they posed for HUNDREDS of pictures before the race and they were just a hoot!!!!!  A+ group costume!!!

Big Sur 297Big Sur 298Big Sur 299Big Sur 301

(left)  Golf anyone . . . during a half marathon FORE and by the ocean – ahhh, that’s not like golfing in the cornfields of IN

Big Sur 303Big Sur 304Big Sur 305Big Sur 308Big Sur 310

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  1. I love you can remember it all! It all blurs together for me after mile 6! :)