Monday, November 28, 2011

Chapter 2 page 480–Big Sur first 5K

It’s not that I’m trying to drag this out, it’s that there is so much to tell and I don’t want these posts to get too long and boring.  HERE is the link for the start and mile 1 (in case you missed it). 

The first 3 miles went pretty smoothly – with the exception of one BIG hill at about mile 2.5 (spoiler alert: there was one GIGANTIC MOUNTAIN at mile 4 …OMG!).  Everyone was in such a good mood and it was just taking it all in.  The weather was even beautiful – no wind, cool but not cold, and despite ALL the warnings of rain – NONE!  I had established a consistent 14:30 m/m pace (not flashy, I know that – but doable and enjoyable).  Again, thanks to “C” for her willingness to take these photos and to share them with me. 

Big Sur 228Big Sur 229

(left) Headed under a tunnel that goes under the cross over into the Fisherman’s Wharf; (right) a bagpiper playing at the far end of the tunnel allowing it to echo for the entire length of the tunnel – super cool (but different, right?)

Big Sur 230Big Sur 231

(left) The Army language school, (right) across the street for the language school –isn’t it beautiful?!?!

Big Sur 232Big Sur 233

(left) more stunning scenary; (right) mile marker 2 (click HERE to learn more about the race’s new mile markers)

Big Sur 234Big Sur 235

(left) just a quick look back at where we just came from; (right) that purple shirt says “Hormonal Hotties” –so cute, really shows the fun spirit of the participants

Big Sur 236Big Sur 237

This shows the hill at mile 2.5, we’re on the left going up the hill (that’s MOA in the red shirt) and on the right . . . YEAH, that’s the winners with like .5 left to go (the men’s winner was 1:03:48, the women’s winner was 1:14:16- smokin’ FAST!).

Big Sur 238Big Sur 239

This is the entrance into Cannery Row.  Click HERE to learn more about this historic and scenic area. 

Big Sur 240Big Sur 241

That’s MOA’s pony tale and red shirt Smile This was an out and back course so that cross walk was mile 3 and 12.

Big Sur 242Big Sur 243

What do they can you ask?  Sardines and Anchovies (blek).  It was made famous when John Steinbeck wrote about this area.

Big Sur 244Big Sur 247

The white building straight ahead (on left) is the aquarium – no worries, we visited it so you’ll get to see LOTS of photos in a future post.  Ahhh, first 5K done – okay, still keeping with the 14:00 – 14:30 m/m pace . . . no problem, feeling strong!


  1. The mile 3 sign is cute! I am glad you are sharing so many pictures and doing a long review, it makes me feel like I was there with you guys!

    I am really glad the weather decided to cooperate and the rain held out - I am sure that made the race tons more enjoyable! Looking forward to the next installment! :)