Sunday, November 6, 2011

Chapter 2 page 474–TR 177 Can I get a W.O.O.F. W.O.O.F?

With ideal running conditions on a perfect fall day, I was part of an epic experience on Saturday! 


I took part in my first relay trail race called the W.O.O.F.  (Wells Outrageous Ouabache Fifteen). . . and guess what?  Thanks to my 2 teammates (“C” and Kimberly who writes the blog Healthystrides) we got 1st place – our team name was “Victorious Secret” (we had signs on our back with our team name – cute huh . . . and notice our pink outfits . . . oh yeah, planned it!100_2168100_2154It was a bittersweet finish because Kimberly (our 3rd leg runner) turned on her blazing finishing speed to beat the other all female relay team consisting of 3 awesome ladies from the half marathon class I took this past summer.  They were amazing competitors and I’m thrilled we were able to reunite as friends and runners. 

Team Triple Threat:  Sue (left), Stacey (center), Patty (right100_2014It was a CLOSE finish and after over 3 hours of racing it came down to less than 10 yards!  Everyone did a great job and I am super excited to have been a part of the event.  Here’s the picture of the “home stretch” seconds after our team took over the lead. 

FINAL STRETCH WITH ARROWSSue (running the first leg for her team named ‘Triple Threat”) and I ran the first leg of the race TOGETHER laughing and talking the whole time.  How fun!  I REALLY enjoy Sue, she’s so fun and nice.  100MEDIA36IMAG0041After we did our loop (approximately 5.3 miles), we jumped in the car and went to different parts of park where the course route crossed over roads – WHAT FUN!   We hurried to one part, waited, saw the 2nd leggers, cheered for them, then jumped into the car and drove to the next section where we could cheer for them . . . and repeated this process about 6 times along the route.  We cheered and took some photos.  Here are some of the best ones:

2nd leggers (approximately 5.45 miles):  Stacey in blue (Team Triple Threat) and “C” in pink (Team Victorious Secret) – there is a hay obstacle at about mile 4.3 (you can go over several bales or run further to go over one bale or run even further out of the way to avoid it all together):


3rd leggers (approximately 5.45 miles) and by far the fastest most awesome running women I know:  Patty in blue (Team Triple Threat) and Kimberly in pink (Team Victorious Secret)


Here are some other photos from the day that you might enjoy -


Above:  Me screwing around pre-race (shocker) showing off my pink and purple sparkly nails AND the awesome Active Band I recently won from Gourmet Runner (Do you read her blog?  YOU SHOULD –It’s one of my FAVS!)

Bottom:  Post race team photos . . . awesome fun girls!



Above:  A group photo - you’ll notice on the far left is Jenn who writes Running 4 My Life and was also in our half marathon class.  Jenn was A-MAZ-ING in this race.  She ran the single loop race and placed 3rd overall and first in her age group.  Cognrats Jenn.   Not pictured, but also in this race was Diane, another half mary classmate.

Below:  Check out Kimberly’s smallest cheerleader’s shirt – SO CUTE!  And on the right is the huge stuffed buffalo which is the race’s mascot.



Above:  A nice fire burning to keep everyone warm during the post race awards and food (veggie soup and a bison burger).  Mac, the race director and my running mentor is on the right – taking a well deserved post-race rest.

Below:  My other running partner “L” and her granddaughter stopped by after the race to say hello.  Thanks “L” and “A” for coming by – it was a beautiful day!



  1. What an amazing event! I am a little bit in love with your team name, such a great play on words. THANK YOU for your kind words about my blog. Looking fabulous in your polka dot headband!

  2. Hooray for Victorious Secret, you guys rocked it out hard core! I am in awe of all your awesome action shots!

    Thanks for the shout-out about my race, I appreciate it! :) I had a good time but I think you guys doing the relay were awesome and I want to do a relay next time! :)

    P.S. I wore my jewelry today and it ROCKS! Thank you!

  3. How much fun does that race look!! And so loving the team name, of course you had to be in pink. 1st place to top it off - wooooo hooo!

  4. Great recap and even greater photos! I am so glad we did this together and I'm so looking forward to the Huff.

  5. OMG!! That looks like it was a blast! And I love your team name- friggin hysterical!!! I'm also always a fan of the pink look as well. :)

    Congrats on your win- y'all rocked it!!

  6. The team name is awesome! Great job ladies! Looks like a blast :)

  7. ohh I haven't seen anything like this but it looks so fun!! i love the team idea because it gives you all this great memory to share

  8. Wow, what a fun race!! I want to do something like that : )

    THANK YOU so much for all the supportive comments this weekend, and throughout my training. I appreciate all the kind words and encouragement, you ROCK!!!! xo

  9. What a fun event! I also like your team name... very clever! Congrats on a race well done!