Thursday, November 3, 2011

Chapter 2 page 473–TR 176 it’s been SO long

You’ll never believe this . . .it’s way too embarrassing to admit, but here I go . . .

Can you believe it’s been 4 weeks since I last ran a training run?????  Oh man, I’ve taken an entire month off from training.  Here’s my (somewhat pathetic) list of reasons why:

1.  Remember THIS post?  It’s the post where I talk about my last training run. . . . why was it so memorable?  It’s the one where we encountered dozens (read that as nearly 100) of SNAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The snakes had taken over my primary, secondary, and tertiary favorite running routes.   I live in a small town so that’s pretty much taking every route off the table!!!  I was just NOT mentally able to confront any more snakes after that last run!!!

2.  “C” and I ran 2 half marathons 7 days a part – in 2 different states.  That’s not really a reason not to run except that between traveling, packing, recovering, and prepping there wasn’t a lot of extra time for 3 weeks (week before Columbus, week between the 2 halfs, and well the week after STL . . . this current week is just mostly because of #1 above).

3.  A CRAZY busy work schedule in October – no, I’m not just using it as an excuse.  I had a hugely crazy busy schedule jammed packed with LARGE and important events (one way to describe my job is that I’m an event planner). 

4.  The weather – although there have been several fabulously awesome days, there have also been some days featuring HUGE rain drops, cool temps, gusty winds, or a combo of all 3!!!  That’s a cop out – but combined with the other excuses (see above) it’s a reason to keep me sidelined for a month (shameful – I know). 

5.  Lacking  motivation – you see, I’ve been training for a half marathon since February (I will have done 6 half marathons this year – 5 down, 1 to go).  My goal half was the Fort 4 Fitness back in September so these other races are just for fun.  I don’t want them to be overly challenging because I’m not well trained, but I also don’t feel like pressing my training right now either (pathetic?  probably!).

But today, today all 3 of us got together and ran about 3 miles (give or take a little).  “C” and I have a relay trail race on Saturday and so we ran part of the route to see what condition it was in.  Good thing we did – it’s a bit more muddy and torn up (not to mention thoroughly covered in leaves) than we we expecting.  Still, it was stunning with the fall colors!!!  So excited for Saturday’s race!  It’s good to be back running!

What’s been your top excuses for missing a run (or two . . . .or a month of runs)? see above

Do you do trail running?  If no, why not?  If yes, what is your favorite part of trails?  I prefer trails to road any day!  It hurts less.  It’s more beautiful.  It’s more temp controlled (shady in summer, wind blocking in the winter, less rain and snow gets through the canopy).  It’s constantly changing (roots, hills, stumps, downed trees, animals, etc) so it’s not boring or repetitive like road running can be sometimes. 


  1. uh oh, sounds like I won't want to wear my new shoes! Also, I meant to ask you - where exactly are the hay bales at?

    Can't wait for Saturday - should be fun! :)

    Any words of advice for Saturday other than be careful? :)

    I think your reasons are good ones, you have done ALOT the last month, even without training runs I am sure you have kept your fitness level. As you told me, you don't lose your base fitness in a few weeks! :)

  2. Oh, and I haven't had much opportunity to do trail runs, but I have enjoyed the ones that I have done - I think for races I prefer roads but for training trail runs are fun! :)

  3. If I have a running partner, I always prefer trails! On my own though, I don't always feel safe on the trails where I live, so I stick to the treadmill or roads.
    Ah...excuses? I've got PLENTY!!! We could be here all day, ha!

  4. You so deserved a nice long rest!

    My excuse...I don't want to. Pretty lame but it keeps me from going!

  5. I find it difficult to stay motivated to run (especially outside!) when the weather gets colder. This summer, I would use wedding planning as an excuse for missing out on some runs. I totally hear you on the being busy at work part. Sometimes I miss out on runs because I'm working late and I almost always run after work.

    I have gone for a few trail runs, but it's not a consistent part of my training.