Sunday, November 27, 2011

Chapter 2 page 479–TR 179 Big Sur–the start and first picturesque mile

First, I have to give a HUGE thanks to “C” for taking these photos.  She is able to run a half marathon AND take pictures – me . . . I’m doing great if I can just cross the finish line standing up.  So without further delay – the most beautiful race in America!

Big Sur 200Big Sur 201

Marriott hotel (left); Sign pointing to the start “Fisherman’s Wharf” (right)

Big Sur 202Big Sur 203

MOA, “C”, I ready to enter the LAST corral of the race – party in the back!

Big Sur 206Big Sur 208

Big Sur had 6,104 finishers (had heard that 8K-9K had registered).

Big Sur 209Big Sur 210

“C” freezing before the race started (brrrr), The right is the Fisherman’s Wharf main sign – charming!

Big Sur 213Big Sur 215

(left) the official starting line (took us 30 minutes to cross it); (right) the pre-race shoe photo

Big Sur 221Big Sur 222

(left) The starting MC – he was fun, but the choice of music for the starting line was VERY different than I was expecting – it wasn’t rock n’ roll, it wasn’t rap or pop, it was more . . . hmmm, not even sure what genre it was – so we’re going to go with “Old folks” music.   (right) some of the corral K folks  . . .some Team in Training folks were wearing purple tutus – very spirited!

Big Sur 224Big Sur 225

(left) A bridge crossing into a city park – STUNNING!  (right) Course entertainment (go ahead,click on the photo to enlarge it) – they’re like 65 years old . . . they were good, but again, very different music than midwest races!

Big Sur 226Big Sur 227

Big Sur had some new mile markers this year – they were VERY proud of them.  You can click HERE to learn MUCH more about them!!!

I promise – you’ll get posts for the rest of the half marathon + touristy photos, and of course, what would a recap be without a bunch of photos of me screwing around (and there are a BUNCH of those photos – hee hee!). 


  1. Great photos! Strange music choice - I would have thought they would pick things that really pump you up before a race! I've never raced anything that big, so I can't imagine waiting more than a minute to get over the starting line. One of these days I'll try a huge race and see what it's all about!

  2. Looks like a great time - maybe someday I will get out to the west coast to do a race! :) Beautiful for sure! Those mile signs are fun and big - you definitely can't miss them! :)