Thursday, December 1, 2011

Chapter 2 page 483–Big Sur miles 9-10

Yeah, those storm clouds unleashed their furry right as we got to mile 9 – BOO!  Though . . . I’m not going to complain, it could have been pouring the entire time or freezing or windy . . . I consider ourselves very lucky regarding the weather!  I was mentally fatigued at this point, but my legs and lungs were still doing well.  I know how pathetic that sounds – mentally fatigued?  Really?  With the splendor of the OCEAN a mere 20 yards away?  Yeah, I know – pathetic!  It just felt remote and as if we would never get back to “town” (remember it’s an out and back course and it felt like we were a VERY far distance from the finish line).

Big Sur 311Big Sur 313

(left) The ocean really began to churn and the waves got really big just before the rain started – very cool); (right) that’s the “you’re going too slow” van – those participants who were about a mile behind us were skipped ahead to be beside us (What do you think about that?  Personally, I’m thrilled they weren’t pulled off the course, but rather were given a chance to keep going)

Big Sur 314Big Sur 315Big Sur 316Big Sur 317Big Sur 318Big Sur 319Big Sur 320Big Sur 321


  1. I am seriously envious of you for getting to run this half, so pretty!

    As far as the van picking people up and dropping them beside you... its strange, never heard of it. But I know if I was one of those people in the back I would hate to lose the chance to complete the race and get my medal.

  2. This race looks amazing!! And you are totally awesome for finishing it ... love the photos, love the story!! I've never heard of the too slow van either, not sure about it ... If i was in the van I don't think I would feel like I've completed the race??