Monday, December 5, 2011

Chapter 2 page 486–TR 180 F.U.N.

In 2 weeks (eek!), I will be on a relay team for the H.U.F.F. which is an ultra trail marathon.  I hear it’s an uber technical course and combined with the weather we’ve had lately (extremely wet and muddy)– it will be extra challenging to say the least.  I’m excited to tackle this challenge and be a part of the relay – Victorious Secret (same group of awesome women as I was with for the W.O.O.F. a month ago – “C” and Kimberly from Healthy Strides).

Yesterday, in the gloom of a rainy day, Kimberly and I got together for a  social run that doubled as practice for our upcoming race.  We ran in a
Big City park that had several miles of easy natural trails.  We only ran about 3 miles using a 2:2 interval (thanks Kimberly for doing intervals), but we talked about everything under the sun and had a great time.  In a blink of an eye we were done with our run and off to lunch at a quaint little place. 

How often do you run in a new location?  Not very often – I live in a small town and have literally run the entire thing dozens and dozens of times.  I LOVE running in new places (that are safe).

Which do you prefer to do:   map out a route ahead of time or run where ever the path leads?  I really prefer a well planned route, but yesterday we just turned left or right as the mood struck us without fear of getting lost (I actually have no idea how we didn’t get lost).  I REALLY enjoyed the freedom of just going wherever we wanted.


  1. I love the idea of doing an ultra trail marathon relay. What a cool race! I like running in new locations, but I don't do it as often as I would like. I'm in a new location so I should really make more of an effort.

    I ALWAYS plan out my route ahead of time if I'm alone. So afraid to get lost!

  2. I don't run in a new place very often, I would like to - but running alone I am always afraid to. I generally have a vague idea of where I will run, but I change it up a bit depending on how I am feeling that day.

    I can't wait to hear about your super fun HUFF relay!