Thursday, December 22, 2011

Chapter 2 page 499–Bye bye boot camp

Last night was the last session of our boot camp class.  It was only a 3 week (6 session) class – just enough to get a little stronger but not too long to loose interest or hate it. 

Tonight’s class was once again – CHALLENGING.  My abs were already sore from Monday’s class and we did even more ab work during class.  It’s all I can do to breath – let alone do all the coughing I’ve been doing as this respiratory virus LINGERS. 

I liked tonight’s class because I was able to push myself and do many of the exercises for either the full time or without modification.  3 weeks ago I could hardly do any of them, but tonight, I did at least some reps of all of them (can I just say that I REALLY dislike Mountain Climbers? Yeah, I’m not a fan . . . and Burpees – really really detest those too and while I’m at it Burpees combined with plank jacks – sooooooo horrendous!). 

As you can tell I’ve learned the names of the exercises.  You might remember my early posts (click HERE to be reminded of the post I called “How far I’ve fallen”) about boot camp – I didn’t even know what the torture exercises were called nor was I able to do them.  I’ve come a long way!

I’ve come a long way – I’m stronger and more confident and feel as if I’m headed in the right direction! 

What was the “back on track” exercise/activity for you?


  1. YEAH FOR YOU!!!!!
    I sure wish I could tell you I'm 'back on track'.
    I had the fighting my way back from the knee injury thing to the most recent 2 week flu slap down... like you, mine is still lingering in the respiratory area... although as much as I have coughed I swear I should see 6-pack abs!
    So glad you are gettting your groove on!
    Happy holidays!
    XOX Tracie

  2. Nice job! It's pretty amazing to think of how far you can come in just three weeks, learning new exercises and getting stronger. I know the new year is going to bring some awesome things for you!!!

  3. I Hate Mountain Climbers and Burpees too haha I may be switching out one day of TRX this winter for a bootcamp day. We'll see!

    Glad you had fun! Isn't it awesome to get better at exercises you couldn't do to start with?

  4. Watch out world, L is carrying some guns :)

    I am so proud of you and so glad that we got to go to boot camp together. Who knows what rock star status you'll achieve with Body Pump!

  5. You are better than most. Like me, I haven't gotten on the fast track. "L" Merry Christmas!