Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Chapter 2 page 490–DOMS: Day 1 after Boot Camp Session 1

Ohhh my goodness!!  Monday night was the first session of a 3 week Boot Camp class (see Kimberly’s recap for more info about what occurred during the class).  Tuesday was one of the MOST painful days I’ve ever had . . .

Walking – Outrageously painful with a tremendously noticeable limp!!!  So noticeable that a doctor passed me in the hall and saw me take 2 steps and said “Oh Wells are you limping?  Are you alright?”  Ummmm, yes sir I’m fine – just a new exercise class.  He was very proud of me . . . as I am of myself!  Though walking to the mail room, I sure felt like I was a stuffed animal who couldn’t bend my legs.

Bending over to pick up something (can I just say I rarely drop things on the floor but today – today I had to bend over to pick up what felt like a million things) – who knew hamstrings could be so tight and sore?  Seriously – did you know those things could hurt so much that bending over was a killer!!!! 

Squatting to sit or stand – Definitely makes me scream out in pain – I’ve never wanted to not move so much in my life!!!  (I know I know – I have to keep moving, but 2 inches into the squat feels like my quads are going to snap!)

Reaching – for the first 5 straight hours of my job today, guess what I did . . . reached for a paper that was 3’ to my right and handed it to people 3’ on my left . . . that upper oblique (that’s what I’m calling it – it’s the muscle just under your arm pit on the side where your bra is) was impossibly sore!  How does that muscle hurt?

So . . . all in all, I’m REALLY sore and cannot imagine doing even one squat tomorrow in class, but I’m going.  The soreness is outrageous, but it’s a good hurt.  It means I’m challenging my body (in ways that it hates me for) and becoming stronger, fitter, and healthier!!! 

Stay tuned to see how things go during tomorrow’s class – OUCH! 

p.s. I’m watching the BL marathon – anyone else think that is a PAINFULLY boring course? OMG nothing to look out, no shade – dude, boring!!!!


  1. I watched the BL Marathon last night too - it was my first time and I have to say that I was feeling for those contestants. It looked like a horrible course! I mean, who wants to run in the desert first of all? But then to see the SAME THING for miles and miles and miles?

    I was pretty impressed with the top few, their times were impressive given their journey! I hope to be able to do a 5 hour marathon, but that seems so impossible!

    Glad to hear your exercise class went well. I know exactly how you feel - I felt like that after doing a BL workout on my xbox, yep... a video game had me hurting! :( In the end we will be stronger for it though, right?

  2. First off, so glad to "meet" you! High cholesterol was my wake up too...

    Great job with your boot camp! The day after my first class, I felt much like you are feeling. The good news is that it gets easier. Until they change things, and then it's harder again ;) Last week, we started boxing, and I could barely move my arms for 2 days.

    Can you believe what they made those people run through? Sand!?!?! Wind!?!? NO SHADE. Nothing like making a marathon even harder than it already is...

  3. I watched the BL marathon too, and it looked SO DULL! Although dreaming of the money for the top 4 finishers might help me along!

  4. I have had workouts like that! Where you hold your pee all day so you don't have to sit on the toliet because it hurts to squat! LOL!!