Thursday, December 8, 2011

Chapter 2 page 491–Boot Camp session 2

Tonight was the 2nd installment of Boot Camp.  Before I explain it, let me THANK you for your recent comments on my blog.  I really appreciate it – please know your comments mean the world to me!!! 

Well you read about my FIRST class and about my extreme DOMS afterward, so let me tell you about the 2nd class. 

Going into class I was SCARED – heck, I could hardly bend over to put on my shoes so HOW IN THE WORLD was I going to do squats or the like for 45 minutes?  UMMM, well, I’m in the game to do my best so here we go.  My BB (bloggy bestie) from Healthy Strides arrived and the laughter began!!!  That helps you know – laughing and having fun with friends while SWEAT.IS.DRIPPING.ON.THE.FLOOR & curse words are FLYING.OUT.OF.MY.MOUTH!!!

Unlike Monday’s class which was broken into 3 segments and done as a large class, tonight’s class featured 1 full class segment and then 2 circuits with 4 stations each. 

Circuit #1 involved (these are my words – no idea what they are really called . . .will have to check with my BB for that):  shuffle squats (reminded me A LOT of horrible middle school basketball drills – blech!), reverse sit ups on a ball (easiest thing I’ve done so far in class – woo!), mountain climbers (who dreamed up this nightmare?), and push ups on a wobble board (yes, that’s what the cool kids are calling it so get with it). 

Circuit #2 also had 4 stations:  side sit ups working the tris, planks with our feet on a towel sliding them out to the side (NO idea what that’s called), oh heck I think I’ve really messed up which torture techniques were done during which circuit but you’re not really going to be too upset are you???  There was a crazy medicine ball exercise where I passed it to a partner (boo – not my BB) in a cherrypicker kind of move (Cherry pickers was an army word – no idea if it translates to a similar civilian maneuver), and then some obligue sit ups that I think were called German something (soooo sorry!).

The bottom line – my BB said it was harder tonight than Monday, but I didn’t think so.  She did some extra reps and pushed herself super hard (with energy to get her club dance on with the jamz in between circuits). She’s hardcore and so I’d expect nothin’ less!!!  Me?  Well, I’m proud of the work I did and the effort I gave.  I’m super excited that I’m actually doing this class! 

Can I tell you all something?  It’s embarrassing, but no one who has read my blog will be surprised.  I hurt my elbow. . . at the very beginning of Monday’s class . . . doing the 2nd push up . . . that I thought in my head would be easier than it was . . . O.U.C.H!  Oh well, ice and ibuprofen and will rest it in 2 weeks AFTER the last boot camp class.  I haven’t told anyone (except my BB at the end of class tonight because it was hurting sooooo badly I couldn’t straighten my arm to hug her goodbye) . . . well, and now you all know too (shhh, don’t tell anyone else, alright!). 

What workout do you do that kicks your butt but that you know is helping you be a fitter, stronger, and healthier person?

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  1. I'm pretty sure I was annoying some of our classmates with all of my bouncing :/

    Anyway, you did awesome! I'm super excited and proud that you are taking the class.

    P.S. The tris and back - OW.