Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Chapter 2 page 495–down for the count

Thanks everyone for your kind well wishes.  I try to be very positive and be in the game, but I’ve been down and out for 2 days now with this stinkin’ respiratory “thing”.  I missed 2 days of work (no matter what, I HAVE to go tomorrow as I have one on one appointments with clients – nice huh?  A little health education advice and a free side of virus). 

I went to Boot Camp yesterday – probably not the smartest move.  Probably should have stayed home to rest, but I got in most of the workout and I guess that’s a good thing.  My quad hurts more after class than it did before and I’m obviously still sick, but . . . I did most of the class – woo!

I’m going to skip tomorrow’s Boot Camp class – with a 50K trail relay race on Saturday – I absolutely need to rest and recover as much as possible.  I’m hoping the extra rest helps so that I don’t feel badly about skipping it for nothing.

Got to tell you about a conversation I had with my husband 30 minutes ago (you’ll need these 2 pieces of background information: 1.) we have a central medication drawer in addition to each of us having our own personal drawer where we keep our hygiene items; 2.) I’ve been sick since Sunday night around 8:00 p.m.):

Hubz:  “You look really like you really don’t feel well”

Me:  Yes (with a mound of used tissues sitting next to me and me coughing my head off) I really do feel crappy

Hubz:  Do I have any cherry nyquil ‘cuz that stuff is amazing?

Me:  The used bottle you had in the medicine drawer was thrown away this summer because it expired 2 years ago.

Hubz:  Did you look in my "MY” drawer?

Me:  No, why?  Do you have meds in YOUR drawer?

Hubz:  (goes in and checks his drawer and pulls out the Kroger brand of Nyquil that contains medicines to treat EVERYONE of my symptoms)

Me:  WHAT.THE.HECK.  I’ve been sick since Sunday and you’re just now offering this up?????????

Anyone else think this was a noble gesture just a little bit late?


  1. Sorry you're still feeling sick! I would definitely have been a little annoyed at hubs, although I'm sure he means well. I hope you're feeling better for this weekend's ultra relay!

  2. Love the you look sick comment! LMAO - I would have been like No shit sherlock glad you finally noticed! Oh and thanks for holding out on the meds! :)

  3. HEY GIRL!!! I'm finally making it around to blogs!! :) oh no!! being sick is definitely not fun!! hurry up and get better!!! Maybe resting because of the cold will help your quad get a much needed break too!
    lol... Your convo with hubs made me chuckle... silly men! ;) It was a nice gesture, but like you said, a little late ;)

  4. UGH! He defintely should have offered it up : )

    Feel better, hope the trail race goes well!