Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chapter 2 page 503–Office boot camp photo edition

As you all know, I participated in a 3 week boot camp class that ended right before Christmas.  Although I found it very challenging, I LOVED the progress I made, the strength I gained, and the success I experienced.  I’m not really a good DVD exerciser or dedicated home exerciser – I’m awesome with group exercise classes (shocking to learn I’m all about socializing, huh! ha!).  So what’s a girl to do . . .

Well, I opted to continue to do some of the exercises . . . at work, in my office, during my break time.  Today was my first “session”.  I tried VERY hard to take pictures – any idea how hard it is to take a self-photo while doing a plank???  Or a layout crunch???  Well, good news for you I took some crazy pix for your amusement. 

For starters, here is the little space I did the planks (that’s a piece of paper to give you a size reference):


I started my first mini break-time office boot camp session with planks (in that little space above).  I held the first plank for 60 seconds (go me, before boot camp I might have lasted 20 seconds WITH shaking arms!), then I rested for 30 seconds (was that too long of a rest?) and held the plank for 45 seconds, then 30 seconds rest, then held the plank for 30 seconds, another 30 second rest, and finished up with holding plank for 15 seconds but this time I did hip dips (that’s what I’m calling it – who knows what it’s really called – it’s where you rotate your pelvis from side to side super core engaging).  All in all – felt awesome!  Here’s some LOVELY photos of the plank-ing Smile 



That’s a picture taken with my blackberry on the floor looking up toward my planked body (that’s the ceiling above my head).




Cute, huh!  That’s my attempt at holding plank with one arm while taking this lovely head-on photo.  Hee hee!  Yeah, I had a sweater and a scarf on while planking.


After the planks I returned to work and an hour later I opted for some pretty “fun” crunches that we did during boot camp.  I did these in the space between my computer table and desk (I kept my chair in the picture to give you a size reference).


The crunches are kind of difficult to describe, but I’ll try:

3 normal crunches then on the 4th crunch reach for your knees, then on the 5th crunch do a full body lay out by pointing your toes and extending your arms straight over your head (you look super cool like a gymnast or diver), then on the 6th crunch point your legs to the ceiling, then the 7th crunch reach to the ceiling to “touch your toes” since your legs are still perpendicular to the floor, then the 8th crunch is a reverse lower ab (butt up) crunch, then completely down and repeat the process.  I did 5 of these (that’s like 40 crunches – not amazing, but still pretty intense).

Want some crazy pictures of these crunches?  Alright since you asked so nicely Smile 



Here’s the regular crunch – yeah, I look a LOT happier in this photo – it was the first rep – ha!





Not sexy, I know, but it’s a photo of the lay out portion of the crunch sequence.  Yep, still wearing my sweater and scarf and pants with a belt (there’s a reason work out pants don’t have belts – crunches + belts = ouch).




Thinking this is another view of the layout portion of the crunch sequence.  Close up of those highlights.  Nice!



There you have it – 2 mini work break office boot camp sessions.  I like it – I’ll keep adding these to my work day . . . as time permits! 

Do you do exercises at work? 

Where’s the oddest place you’ve done exercises?


  1. haha!! Very nice!! :)
    I don't exercise at work unless running around after little kids is deemed as exercise ;) This quarter at school though I'll have breaks between my classes and plan to locate and utilize the gym! :)

  2. Impressive!! I would be a stinky mess if I tried doing that at work! Kudos! You look great :) Miss ya, keep up the good work!

  3. Go you!!

    Have you seen the episode of the office about Planking? If not, go to you tube!

  4. I am so impressed that you are doing this at work! I can hardly find the motivation at home let alone in that confined space. You rock! Way to keep working towards your goals! :)

  5. Hilarious post..oh my!! I would have cracked-up if someone walked in the office during that!

    Good for you!!

  6. Ok, I'm so impressed that you managed to do this all at work! Nice way to carry on with the progress you made at boot camp!!

  7. Too funny!! And can I say what a skinny minny you look in these photos - woo hoo!!! Happy new year to you and yours xxxx