Sunday, December 4, 2011

Chapter 2 page 485– Big Sure Expo

Our trip to Monterey, CA for the Big Sur half marathon was a whirlwind to say the very least.  We were on the ground in Monterey for only 66 hours (so sad), but we made the most of those hours. 

Our plane left at sunset from our small local airport.  We flew to Chicago then to San Francisco and finally onto Monterey.

Big Sur 002Big Sur 006

(left) sunset heading toward Chicago; (right) the straight line of lights pointing to the right is the Navy pier in Chicago (yes, we were just there in August for RnR Chicago – fun!)

Big Sur 007Big Sur 010

(left) pretty sure that’s Chicago; (right) after 9 hours of traveling, it was GREAT to arrive at our final destination

We arrived at 12:30 a.m. local time (= 3:30 a.m. IN time) and went directly to bed at our home away from home.

Big Sur 025

Early (7:30 a.m. local time = 10:30 a.m. “home” time) Saturday morning we went to breakfast at a fun Californesque type restaurant. 

Big Sur 014Big Sur 015Big Sur 016

We then headed to the expo – what an upscale and fun expo – not huge, but packed with good deals and great information.

Big Sur 020Big Sur 021Big Sur 022Big Sur 023

I made some extremely uncharacteristically different purchases at the expo . . . Here’s a sampling:

1.)  iFitness hydration belt (check it out HERE) – I’ve been using THIS belt for the past 18 months (totally uncool, but big enough to allow me to carry EVERYTHING AND the kitchen sink).  I’ve been thinking about this belt ever since “C” and I went to St. Pete last November.  My hesitation was the lack of storage space. 

2.)  misc. pouches for my new hydration belt – nameless pouches were sold for $1-$10 and fit perfectly on the iFitness belt and was appropriately sized for me to carry everything I need during a race (inhaler, phone, camera, key, money, id, kleenex, 4 svgs fuel, LOTS of water, and chapstick)

3.)  polarized running sunglasses  - my 11 miler on 11/11 resulted in blurred vision due to the gusty winds.  Last fall I remember wishing I had some glasses that would allow me to see easier during dusk as well as block the wind.  Last winter I wanted something that would reduce the glare off the snow.  At the expo, I got a solution to my vision issues.  (I wore them at the race – well, I had them with me for the race . . . I’m not really used to wearing sunglasses – will take some time)

Big Sur 208

4.)  3 Sweaty bands (check it out HERE) – I recently won 3 Active Bands from Gourmet Runner (more on that to come) and LOVED them – they are soooo cute.  MOA is a HUGE fan of Sweaty Bands and they were having an expo sale so I bought 3 to help her get a free band PLUS they are adorable!!!  (I wore the top one for the race)


5.)  Super Bandz (check it out HERE) – PLEASE check out their website.  This was the CRAZIEST impulse purchase I’ve made – possibly ever.  I’m a health education major and have a number of science based minors.  I’m not into alternative medicine and really don’t believe in hocus pocus – that is until I saw the demonstration of this product at the expo.  I sure wish I could have taken a video of it and posted it – it was incredible.


The vendor had MOA and “C” as well as other expo goers do some balance exercises and she pushed them over with little effort.  She then put the band in their energy field (in their hand, on top of their head, under their chin, etc) and repeated the balance exercise . . . this time – MOA and “C” and the other folks did NOT fall over!!!  WHAT?!?!  The first natural response was “the vendor pushed differently” – NOPE!  The vendor did a couple of other exercises with MOA and “C” and once again, as soon as the bracelet was in their hand they performance was significantly improved.  YES – I’ll take one!!!  I got a 3:13:20 for my race and felt pretty strong on a hilly course with little training in the last month – coincidence or a result of the bracelet????  Maybe both – but wearing it certainly didn’t hurt. 


  1. Sweaty Bands are so cute! I have trouble keeping anything like that on my head though...grrr. Even those with the velvet. Maybe my head is just too round? LOL!

  2. Interesting - on the SuperBandz....hmmm might be something to look into

  3. I'm really interested in those Super Bandz! I've heard about them before, but I always thought they were just a gimmick. Really interested to hear more on that...