Friday, December 30, 2011

Chapter 2 page 506– 2011 photo rewind

I love reading Flying Kites blog (it’s a family blog not a running blog – but her family is adorable and she is super sweet . . . she’s a bloggy I’ve met in real life).  She recently posted 12 pics for 2011 and invited everyone to do the same.  Because her post seemed like a GREAT way to remember 2011, I thought I would do it as well.  You can check it out HERE.  Thanks Sarah for the awesome post idea!

January 2011:


The saddest part of my year.  We had to put my beagle, Hoosier, to sleep.  I had her for almost 14 years. 



February 2011:


The most hectic part of my year . . . we adopted a rescue beagle and named her Pacer (my husband is a HUGE Pacer’s NBA fan!).  Don’t let her adorableness fool you . . . she gets into ENDLESS mischief. 



March 2011:

 I ran a new-to-me race with MGA (my girl Ashley).  It was a 5 mile race called the Nutri-Run.  We got smoothies (YUM) and a loaf of Panera bread after the race (odd, but delicious).  It was brutally cold and windy, but so fun to do it with MGA (check out her blog HERE)



April 2011:

April-June featured LOTS of physical therapy scraping on my heel to help fix my Plantar Fasciitis once and for all.   As painful as it was, 11 years was long enough to suffer from the daily pain!  So glad I went through this and am PF free now!!!!



May 2011:


“C”, “C’s” sister, and I along with Lisa (check out her blog HERE) and her 2 friends ran the Geist Half.  “L” came along for the party and was THE BEST cheerleader EVER!!!!



June 2011:

One of my proudest moments . . . a “final exam” of sorts for the Spring Into Training group.  Many of the participants participated in this cross country 5K or the Diva Dash the next morning.  FUN!  So proud of them!



July 2011:

July was one of my best months ever (as far as racing goes).  I ran 98 miles this month (most ever!).  I SMASHED my 3 mile PR at the Runner’s on Parade race.  Then, 2 weeks later, I CRUSHED my 5K PR (by almost 3 minutes) at the Swiss Days 5K (which I did alone so that’s all the more impressive!)


August 2011:


June – September I took a half marathon class.  In addition to learning sooo much, I met some great people whom now I call friends!!!! 




September 2011:

100_1528The BEST thing that happened in September was the Fort 4 Fitness Half Marathon.  This was my goal race for the year and I had a PR SMACK DOWN. This race was special also because so many of the Spring Into Training graduates did either the 4 miler, 10K, or half marathon.  So proud of them!



October 2011:



October was such a whirlwind of awesomeness!!!!  3 weeks after my September half, we did 2 halfs 7 days a part in 2 different states.  On the left, we did the Columbus half and met one of the sweetest people EVER, Zaneta from Runner’s Luck (check out her blog HERE).  Then a 5 days later, we headed on a road trip to STL for the RnR half (right).  We met up with MOA and CHIN and had a fun-filled girls’ weekend away (oh yeah, and did a HARD HILLY HALF). 


November 2011:


Even though I went to California and ran Big Sur in November (which was a race of a lifetime), the best of November 2011 was the WOOF trail relay.  Team Victorious Secret came out on top (thanks to Kimberly – check out her blog HERE), but more than that, the half mary class reunited for some super fun!!!!!


December 2011:



The HUFF 50K Relay – overcoming so much and having such great friends to do it with!  Incredible and life changing!



Your turn . . . show us your year in photos!


  1. It's not quite the same thing, but I have a "race year in review" collage up on my blog. :) I like the way you did yours better because the pictures stand out! Love this post :)

    I miss our half mary class!

  2. I love the idea of picking one picture to sum up each month! I wanted to answer your question about why I'm switching to run big reason but I tend to cut my workouts short at night so I can have dinner with hubby. I'd rather just get it over with so I can enjoy my evenings!
    Happy New Year!

  3. Love the pics. I have thought about you often as well and have missed you. I thought about texting you a few times. I took down my blog and took some time to decide whether I was going to continue or not. I feel like a phony's hard to be public with this struggle sometimes. Thanks for the warm welcome.

  4. So glad you joined-in! Looks like a full year of MANY accomplishments!

    Happy New Year, friend!