Monday, December 5, 2011

Chapter 2 page 489–how far I’ve fallen

11 years ago I was . .

- 25 years old

-a graduate of Basic Combat Training for the Army Reserves

-100 pounds lighter

- a sub 6:00 min/mile runner (I ran the 2 mile PT test in 11:35)

-FIT with muscle definition to the max

-maxing my Army PFT test (Physical Fitness test:  2 minutes of push ups – not the girly kind, 2 minutes of sit ups – not lil’ ol’ crunches, and a 2 mile run)

Skip ahead 11 years and now, well, those days seem so far away and so hard to get back to.  Soon I will be posting about my 2012 goals and you’ll hear all about it, but tonight I took the FIRST step toward those goals. 

My BB (Bloggy Bestie) Kimberly from Healthy Strides and I signed up for a 3 week (6 session) Boot Camp class.  It’s exactly what I need to jump start my return to fitness,  health, and weight loss . . . BUT it kicked my butt. 

Now, Kimberly was rocking her guns, quads, and abs like a champ – sooo proud of her hard work!  That’s what it takes, no excuses, no quitting, just plain ol’ hard work.  She was cruising right through every rep of every exercise (I’m pretty sure I heard her say “Thanks Jillian” referring to her hours of 1 on 1 training sessions via DVD with Jillian Michaels which were helping her push through the circuit exercises).

Me, on the other hand, well, I did 1/3-1/2 of the reps (a girl’s gotta leave room for improvement) AND still my quads are shaking so much I can barely walk to the car after class.  11 years ago I could do nearly 80 military push ups in 2 minutes – tonight, I could only do 4 (2 sets of 2).  There is a lot of room for improvement (a lot of it) – and I’m glad to have taken the first step tonight . . . with by BB!  Thanks girl for not judging but rather laughing through it with me!  HUGS!

Have you laid off of something for awhile either because life got in the way or because you were rehabbing an injury?  It’s a hard return isn’t it! 

How did you stay focused and stick with it despite the difficulty? I’m welcoming any and all advice here!  I know that I don’t have a choice and that I MUST keep at it!


  1. Having the end goal in sight is what keeps me goaing. Breaking the big goals into small obtainable goals helps. Setting realistic expectations and picking yourself up and starting over when you have a bad day or week and fall off the wagon. Every minute of ever day is a chance to make better choices. Do the best you can and move forward. Leave the past alone and look into the future. Sounds like a million and one cliches but it is what helps push me forward.

  2. Nice job tackling a boot camp. Can I just say that I am in AWE of your 2 mile PT run in the past? That is just an incredible time.
    I tend to focus on one thing at a time, so coming back to it after a while can be tough. And of course now I can't run thanks to an injury, so I know that will be a challenge once I'm back.

  3. Oh! I wanted to add something else. I don't like your title. You haven't "fallen" in the last 11 years. You have a solid career. Amazing friendships. A wonderful husband. Oh, and were you running back to back half marathons 11 years ago? I didn't think so!! Nothing wrong with reminiscing or looking back, I just don't like the implication that you are any less amazing today than you were back then! :)

  4. OK, so I would like to second and third comments from Jenn and Vanessa. I think you are a rock star in your own right - regardless of who you were. It's all about who you are and who you become!

    And who I am is not cruising through the exercises. I seem to recollect thinking, "Eff you you burpees," and hanging out in child's pose. I had a blast laughing with you and am excited for what's to come!

  5. you are a crazy women - you think your fallen - I look up to you in awe!!! Have fun with the bootcamp ... you know the pain will be worth it ... especially if you can come and do a warrior dash in Australia!