Sunday, December 11, 2011

Chapter 2 page 493–Fun Start, Painful End

Yesterday, I took my mom to lunch and we did a little Christmas shopping.  We had a GREAT time!  We opted for a little local eatery for lunch.  The other patrons weren’t like us – they were young and hip, but that’s alright, we had a fantastic time and the food was unbelievable.  My mom had a mushroom and rice soup along with a half of a tuna salad sandwich on grilled wheat bread complete with lettuce, tomatoes, and even cucumber slices.  I opted to go with the server’s recommendation – a grilled cheese which was!   A fun, relaxing, and tasty lunch started off our girls’ day out.  100_2204After lunch, we went to the grand-opening of the local running specialty store (they moved 240’ south into a larger location) – it was SO nice, but hectic. I took a quick loop around and left without talking to anyone. 

We then hit a few other stand-alone stores in search of Christmas gifts and then went to the mall.  After dealing with the CRAZY parking, we went to 2 stores and left.  We had the Macy’s employee snap our pic before we left.


We then went to Granite City so I could get my husband’s growler filled (scoring me bonus points) and then onto Target. 

We had so much fun UNTIL we got to Target.  I bent down in the very back corner of the store to get a Christmas bag off the bottom shelf when suddenly I felt my left hamstring PULL.  OMG it was one of the worst pains I have ever felt.  I could not get up and I suddenly got very hot, the store got very dark, my ears heard only muffled sounds.  I was going to pass out from the shock and pain. I sat down on the Christmas Tree display and used the bag I was reaching for to fan myself.  My mom was awesome.  I sat there getting sick – like I was going to throw up (we really were in the completely opposite corner of the store from the exit).  After a few more minutes I was able to begin walking gimping out of the store . . . and then to my car.  That would be the end of our shopping as I couldn’t even get my leg in the car without tears.  

I worried whether I had torn, pulled, or strained my quad.  I texted my PT friend asking for her guidance.  I called my ER nurse friend to see if I should be seen.  I didn’t go to the ER, but I did follow my PT friend’s advice to the T – ice, compress and elevate then alternate it with gentle massage toward the body and light stretch and keep repeat.   Here’s a picture of the ice pack (the blue thing) wrapped around my quad with my leg propped up on pillows (the white things).

iced quad

Today?  I’m 75% better.  I can walk around the house nearly pain free.  I cannot imagine running . . . and I have the 50K HUFF relay next Saturday – UMMMM, hope I can do it – not sure at this point.

Ever had an injury resulting from a freakishly stupid act?


  1. Oh no! This is such a bummer. Deena Castor (American Marathon record holder) runs 110 mile weeks BUT injured her ankle raking leaves in her yard. Eek. I'm glad today was better but I hope it's a rapid recovery for Saturday!

  2. So sorry!!! I was tangled and tripped up in electric cords a few yrs ago and it really messed up my ankle. I had a 'fat foot' forever.
    Great pics of you shopping gals though.
    Rest up.

  3. Sending you quick healing wishes! I want you to run (safely) with me on Saturday.

    Besides your little shopping injury, I'm glad you had a good day. I'm loving your outfit.

  4. So glad to hear you are feeling better today. I am sending you quick healing vibes.

    You looked super cute on your shopping trip! Love your hair down and the outfit was cute too!

    When were you at the running store? I was there too and it wasn't too bad. I actually bought a pair of tennis shoes and a few clothing items that were on clearance!

  5. Ahhh thanks everyone for your kindness and antidote stories about stupid injuries (you have no idea how much that helps!)