Sunday, September 5, 2010

Chapter 2 page 130 - training partners

I wanted to spend a few minutes talking about my training partners "L" & "C".

How did we all get to be training partners?
I've known "L" for many years, but since we have spent many hours over the past year training together, our friendship has really blossomed. Last summer "L" and I joined the Parlor City Trot Training Program partly out of a work obligation, but also partly to be healthier and push ourselves past what is easy. "C" was part of this year's Spring Into Training 12 week training program that I coordinated as part of my job. "C" and "L" trained together several times during the S.I.T. program. I was able to join them once. On the last day of the training program, "C" asked if "L" wanted to continue to train with her. "L" directed "C" to me as "L" knows how much I would LOVE to have someone to train with. So although I wasn't "C's" first choice, I hope that she has had as much fun as I have training for the half marathon, getting healthier, running to prevent heart disease, getting fit, and most importantly, becoming friends.

I wanted to talk a little about the amazing accomplishments of my 2 training partners . . . my friends.
Because of "L's" life obligations, she doesn't get to log as many training sessions each week as "C" and I. That combined with "L's" complete and utter hatred of running, makes what she did yesterday at the PCT all the more impressive. "L" was a trooper. She hung in there for every single step. She was amazing! She talked through most of the 10 miles - that really makes the runs fun for me. She pushed on even though there were times she was tired. She had agreed to come on this journey with me and I hope she knows just how grateful I am for that. I want to tell "L" just how much I enjoy our time training together - love the time to catch up on all of her life's adventures . . . and trust me, she has many adventures (not to mention the cutest grand kids on the planet).

Let me tell you a little bit about "C". First, she's amazing. She, like "L", is in her fifties. Today, the day after our long 10 mile run which was a race, "C" ran a 5K in 33 minutes and said she wasn't sore at all. I'm in my 30's and I can't stand up without a little groaning and a whole lot of quad/ham aching. "C" has a goal of getting a PR for the F4F half of a 2:45, but I have no doubt she can get a 2:30 or maybe even a 2:15. She doubts herself, but with all of the hard work she has put into her training these past 5 months, I know she will surprise herself and rock the finish line!

Without a doubt, I'm the weakest link in our 3 Musketeers group, but I'm such a better person because of them. I could not have done any part of this half marathon training without them . . . I wouldn't have wanted to. I cherish our time together and look forward to it, and hope that even though I'm slow, they won't vote me off of the island.

Do you train with people or go it alone?

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  1. I loved your post about "L" and "C"!! It sounds like you have amazing running partners!! :D