Monday, September 27, 2010

Chapter 2 page 152 - massage

Quick poll -
Are you sore after you run a long run and/or a half marathon?
If so, what hurts the most?

As for me, I was quite gimpy (as I have been after all the long runs during the past 5 months) so I got into see my favorite massage therapist, Ashley Peterson. She hooked me up with a 60 minute full body massage. I walked in like a gimpy old fart and walked out with a juvenile spring in my step. Ashley has been quite helpful in my prep for my first half and now for my second half (in November). You may have read this post where I discussed how Ashley stretched the stiffness right out of my legs last week. Ashley's knowledge and experience was put to the test this afternoon as we plotted out a treatment plan for the next 7 weeks including stretching and massage sessions. I'm so thankful to her for helping me feel better.

If you're sore, need a massage or a good stretching, want some guidance from someone who knows about runners and their training - it's worth the drive to Bluffton to see Ashley. You won't be disappointed - I promise.

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