Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Chapter 2 page - 144 - Stretching

After a 5K on Saturday involving hills unlike any I encounter in my normal training runs plus 200 trips up and down on a ladder on Sunday - my legs were sore! I began getting nervous that they wouldn't recover in time for my half on Saturday so I called a massage therapist and asked what she recommended. I was disappointed to hear she didn't recommend a massage - what?!?! I'm pretty sure a massage would have been the ticket, but she said no (bummer - I could have really gotten excited about an hour massage) she recommended a 30 minute session of Activate Isolated Stretching. I didn't know anything about it, but I know stretching is good and I trust the massage therapist so . . . sign me up. Yesterday afternoon I spent 30 minutes being stretched. It's certainly a different philosophy than is most commonly prescribed to (i.e. stretches are only held for 2 seconds but are repeated about 10 times progressively going deeper), but my legs are feeling better today. I can totally see how incorporating these stretching sessions into one's overall workout plan would be tremendously valuable.

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  1. I'd be hoping for the massage, too! I read on the F4F site that they'll have massages after the race for $20. Very enticing ...

    Glad to hear your legs are feeling better!