Thursday, September 16, 2010

Chpater 2 page 139 - HMTU 54 happy trails

If you didn't get a chance to read page 138 - you should . . especially the comments. Thanks to everyone who has commented. I will take them with me as I continue this journey which is feeling less and less crazy.

Did anyone notice the INSANE wind this afternoon???? 20-30 mile an hour with gusts in the 40's. "C" and I were suppose to run this afternoon, but as she was driving here she found herself in a torrential rain storm with fierce winds. It was definitely not raining where we were meeting, but it was windy. After nearly calling off our training session, we decided to go ahead. We were scheduled to do 8 miles (show of hands who loves taper weeks?? I know I do!). We agreed running in the wind would surely wipe us out so I suggested we run a trail at the state park. "C" has hiked all over the earth's surface including up to the clouds, but she has never done a trail run. We drove to the trail head and started off with a walk. The wind was a complete non-issue thanks to the dense trees. At one point we experienced a few rain drops, but nothing like we would have without the canopy of leaves keeping us dry. The leaves are just starting to turn and what a beautiful display it created. The path is already interesting and traverses many different surfaces, but combined with the splendor of the fall it sure made for a truly enjoyable training session.

Our 6 mile trail run included a 10 minute warm up and about a 5 minute cool down and we did 2:1 for the entire rest of the way (except for one minute of a run when we walked instead so we could watch the baby buffalo - pretty cute!). We did all that in JUST 1 hour 24 minutes!!!!!! Now, those of you who read my blog know I'm slow (but 84 minutes for 6 miles is only 2 minutes slower than my 10K PR), but for a trail run -that's a pretty quick pace (at least it is for me . . . and it is "C's" PR). Last year I did the WOOF (a 5.3 mile trail race) in 1:19.22. I'm super excited about our training run today! We weren't trying to hurry - in fact, quite the opposite - this is taper week (yeah!) and it was all about doing it slowly so we didn't get hurt.

Today shows me that even though I'm super overweight, I am in pretty good shape - I did 6 miles and wasn't completely wiped out. "C" ran her first trail run and I did something in which I feel a great deal of pride! I am really thinking I was born to be a trail runner!!!!!


  1. I can't describe the feeling of running my first trail run. It was absolutely magnificent! I had been dreading the thought of competing in the WOOF in November, because I was scared of running a trail. But now, with you, I feel confident that I can do this! And I didn't even trip on a ROOT! I'm just glad I didn't wear my bifocals, because then I really would have tripped. I agree with you, I think I could be a trail runner as well!

  2. Hand raised for taper weeks! I can't wait to run "just" 6 or 7 on Sunday. So proud that you went out yesterday with all the weather craziness and on a trail to boot. You rock!