Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Chapter 2 page 133 - HMTU 51

Today "C" and I visited Happyville - though . . . it didn't appear everyone we passed was a true resident of Happyville - there were actually people who didn't wave at us - shock! Unheard of in Happyville!

I discovered the most amazing fact about Happyville tonight thanks to my GPS - our regular route is 5.3 miles - WHAT! Who knew that all these times we had actually gone so far?!?!?! Yeah - us!!!!!!! Tonight we started off with a .7 mile walk and then did 2:1 for a couple of miles and then we walked the rest. My knee, shins, and feet are bothersome once again - ugggg!

We did the 5.3 miles (half of which with a strong headwind) in 1 hour 23 minutes. I understand that's not a fantastic time, but we weren't going for time. Tonight's goal, as is usually our goal when we visit Happyville, is to add mileage, enjoy being together, wave at folks, and exercise for the health of it.

I have to write about these 2 dogs we saw - grant it, most of you won't care, but I know that by me writing this, "C" will laugh and when we look back at this post, I'll smile too. We get to the end of this one street that is lined with amazing homes - there at the end of the street, at the end of the drive way were two dogs, one large, black and menacing looking, one small, white, and fluffy. They were sitting perfectly still - each perfectly centered in their own side of the double wide driveway. As we approached, they both snapped their head at the exact same time to their right. We turned around and began walking away - they both returned their heads to the center and watched us. It was the craziest thing we had ever seen . . . so, we circled around and walked back toward the house just to see if it was a fluke. As we approached, in unison, both dogs snapped their head and gazed to their right. As we walked away they returned their heads to the center and watched us. We cracked up and of course, made a 3rd loop to see it again. This time, the two dogs snapped their heads at the same time but this time they looked at each other. As we walked away - you guessed it, their heads returned to the center and watched us. Each time the dogs moved their head - their heads and bodies remained perfectly still. It was the craziest but coolest thing.

Stay tuned for Friday's training - the 3 of us are returning to the big city for one more 13 mile training run . . . anyone want to guess how many times we'll get lost? take the wrong turn? ask for directions? get tired? have to refill our water bottles? and take a potty break? If Friday's training is anything like our other 2 sessions in the big city - it's certain to be an adventure. Also, check out my other blog this weekend as it will be updated with a review of one of our fav's, Club Soda.

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