Friday, September 10, 2010

Chapter 2 page 134 - HMTU 52

Today was our final 13 mile training run before F4F. We went to the big city to run a portion of the F4F route which I think after doing 4 times, I have a wee bit of confidence I can get through the middle 6 miles of the race. We did 13.08 miles in 3 hours 22 minutes 45 seconds (I understand how slow that is, BUT that's a whole 7 minutes faster than we did the 13 miles two weeks ago).

Our training was not particularly eventful - we didn't get lost at all (how unexpected). The only odd person we encountered was a guy on a bike with a baby trailer attached that had 2 very loud barking dogs in it. We heard the dogs barking before we knew they were in the bike thing and we got a bit nervous that we were going to be under attack. That lovely gentleman passed us twice (both times we got scared - so much for bravery).

Each of our distance runs, at least for me, have been easier than the one before it (i.e. the 11 mile was easier than the 10, the 12 was easier than the 11 - except for the 13 . . . both times). As we were probably between mile 9 and 10 I said out loud, "This is a just a tiny bit easier than the last time we tackled 13, but it's by no means easy." "L" said, "It's not suppose to be easy. If it were easy, everyone would do it." Thanks "L" - that was perfectly TRUE.

We did about a mile of walking and then did 2:1 so exceptionally well for about 8 miles (that at one point at about mile 6.5, I said, "Hey, this isn't too bad - I got this!) and then we walked through an interval and then for me anyway, it went downhill. I got really tired. It was a "hitting of the wall" but not as obvious as in the past. I worried about not having enough water and finally asked if we could actually stop and stretch - I ate 2 bloks. We walked a little more then we did 2:1 for another 1.5 miles and walked back to the car.

The first half of the training was EASY - I felt strong and as if I could go forever. The second half of the training was HARD - I felt I could hardly make it another step. I know that with "L" and my side and "C" ahead of us, I can do the race - it's not likely to be pretty though.

We ended our evening with going to Bandidos. Thanks "C" for picking up the tab - you rock. We walked in there like we were 90 years old - moaning, groaning, wobbling - everything (I mean everything) ached so badly. We had a nice meal and a fun time. We got home late and I have to get up early tomorrow.

Nighty night.

p.s. "C's" daughter "K" is participating in a mini tri on Sunday . . . Good Luck "K"!


  1. 7 minutes faster than last time? Incredible. Just incredible!

  2. You should tell me what you plan on wearing to F4F. That way when my gimpy leg gives out and I start walking I can end the race with you!

    Great job on the last LR!

  3. @ Holly -
    Crack me up. Weather permitting, I'll be in the same shirt and grey double water bottle fanny pack that I was wearing in the 10 mile race photos. Hope I don't see you at the back, but if I do - you're welcome to join us. . . and it would be great to meet you.

  4. You forgot to mention the statement I made before our last jog.
    "Give it good effort". I do not think you recieved this as I intended.

  5. HA! "L" - yes, you told me that it could be our last run interval IF I gave it a "good effort" so . . . I took it to heart and ran like the finish line was in sight - including fake waves to the crowd and fake high 5's to the spectators who were there . . . in my mind. I ran fast . . . because I was told to "give it a good effort" (so I did!)