Friday, September 24, 2010

Chapter 2 page 146 - obsessed

I'm just curious what you other first time half marathoners are thinking about?

And then, to all of you experienced half marathoners - are we normal?

Seriously, to all my rookie blog friends out there - are you like me? Is every thought in some way or another connected to the upcoming half marathon?

Here are some examples of my thoughts in the last few days:
1. What's the weather going to be like on Saturday?
2. Wonder if I should eat pasta both Thursday and Friday nights.
3. Should I wear those shoes to work, they might some how mess up my feet (even though I wear those shoes every single day for the past 6 months without problems).
4. What's the weather going to be on Saturday? Hour by hour!
5. What time do I have to leave on Saturday - can I leave 15 minutes later (not a big fan of early mornings)?
6. What am I going to eat on Saturday morning? Do we have that in the house? Honey - can you pick up this, oh and that and that, tomorrow from the store
7. I better check the weather for Saturday - has the rain on Friday been delayed is it going to be too cool at the start - oh no, the low is going to be 45 - is that suppose to be early Saturday morning or is that for Saturday night into Sunday.
8. 45 degrees - what do I wear?
9. I really need to go to that store, but then I'll have to park far and that store is huge - is that too much walking this close to the race?
10. Oh my goodness, I'm excited- I'm scared - I'm excited - I'm scared. The race is on Saturday! As in this Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just checking to see if it's just me and perhaps I should look into meds or if all newbies are this way.

Good luck to these peepes who I know are doing their first half marathons this weekend -
"L" (my training partner) and I

. . . and good luck to Kimberly who is running her 3rd half in less than 6 months and has a goal of sub 2 (you go girl!)

. . . and good luck to "C", our other training partner, who is running her 3rd half and is hoping to set a PR ("L" and I think she can blow her goal of 2:45 out of the water!) - Dare to be great! Go for it!

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  1. I love this post! Holly and I have been discussing about what time to get there, the weather and what to wear. (I'm doing short sleeves and bringing a throwaway long-sleeve tee.) Oh, and I say eat pasta both nights ;) We're doing Casa tonight, and I can't wait!

    Good luck tomorrow. I know you are going to do fantastic AND have a good time, which is what's most important.