Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Chapter 2 page 301 - heel update (not quite the last one, but getting close)

I've had 11 physical therapy sessions.  8 of them with "L" and 3 of them with "M".  As I said in an earlier post, "M" is way more aggressive with his scraping and it has caused me to leap off the treatment table and scream out in pain.  So knowing I had to turn over my foot to his scraping tool today led me to some serious anxiety.  But, he discussed his "plan of attack" for today's treatment.  20 scrapes - 1" or so long all in the single most painful spot.  Hmmm- show of hands who think this sounds better or worse than the previous 10 scraping sessions?????  I too wasn't sure what the verdict would be.  Unlike "L" who just scrapes pretty much non-stop, "M" scrapes 5 times then we take a little rest - mostly he uses this time to make fun of how immediately sweaty I get (my autonomic nervous system is fully operational - ha!).  Then he does 5 more scrapes in the same exact area but going the opposite direction (i.e. the first 5 might be scraping away from my toes, the next 5 would be scraping toward my toes) and so on.  He said that some of his patients get 30 scrapes (THANK YOU I'M NOT ONE OF THEM!!!!! I SERIOUSLY COULDN'T HANDLE IT!)

The end the arrow is pointing to is the end M holds - the pointy other end is the scraping end - 4" plastic = hours of party fun!
 Today . . . today was not so bad.  It was probably my second least painful scraping out of the 10 so far.  Hope all this helps, it would be a SHAME to endure all of this for nothing!!!!  I will say that I noticed a HUGE improvement after last Friday's 13 miles . . . fingers crossed!!!!

One more PT session remaining - Thursday afternoon!!! Thanks for hanging in there with me.


  1. Glad this PT session was one of your best and least painful ones! I see the light at the end of the tunnel!

  2. We should throw a party on Thursday to celebrate. I hope your heel feels good today!

  3. If its getting less painfull, its getting better!! sweet!!

  4. @ Kimberly - "L" and I are going out tomorrow night for 'ritas since there are no martinis in our little town. We'll have to have a post PT toast - good thinking!!!