Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chapter 2 page 323 - TR 112 S.I.T. 3.5 miler

This is a quickie post -
Tonight I worked with the Spring Into Training "interval" group.  These are people who one month ago swore they absolutely couldn't and wouldn't run!  Tonight we did 3.5 miles using the interval :45 & 2:00.  They did GREAT!  I'm so proud of them!  This was my first run after my half last Saturday (I walked 20 minutes on Sunday, but then took 3 full days to rest) - it was NOT as hard as I had feared it would be.  I'm back in the game, folks!  One more easy 2 miler to do this week and I'll be 100% for my new training schedule - ha!


  1. So glad that your recovery went well and that you're back in the saddle to race again! :)

  2. Welcome back, doll! Glad to hear it went well. I'm excited for your F4F training, too.