Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chapter 2 page 327 - how does your garden grow?

Despite the fact that I have had 2 beagles (and tried everything from putrid egg scent to human hair and everything in between), rabbits seem to use my landscaping and backyard as their safe haven (soooo frustrating).  3 1/2 years ago, my husband suggested we start a garden - ha!  Like that could EVER happen with all the rabbits running around the back yard!!!  I have lost so much of my landscaping that I just couldn't fathom a way to have a garden.  Then during that winter. . . I learned about container gardening - score!  I studied up on what types of plants and containers would work best and the following .  I learned that containers didn't have to be expensive or fancy - that basic plastic storage containers from Walmart would work just fine . . . and our container garden was born.  Initially we had 2 containers - one for radishes (for my hubby) and one for lettuce (for me).  It worked so well that the next year we doubled the containers and included carrots.  Last year, we had 6 containers and added 3 types of peppers.  Although the plastic containers were convenient, they deteriorated during the winter (the 5 gal buckets held up alright) leaving me to buy new ones annually - that got expensive.  This year, we upgraded to a raised container garden made out of cedar wood.

Here's how it arrived:
Far too heavy for me to move on my own - had to wait on the muscle to get home!
Here's "us", putting it together:

Here's the layers of potting soil going in:

Here's the seeding:
I "scored" the different sections - the right side (closest to Pacer the pup who was overseeing the project) was for the first round of planting while the left side would be for planting in 2 weeks.

Can you see the teeny tiny radish shooting up at the tip of my nail? (that nail was a result of my polish color "testing" at the CVS in order to select the final 2 colors I would wear for the Geist, ha!)  This was taken on 5/18 - just 3 days after the initial planting.
 Here's where we are today:
Here's the full "garden" shot - the left side was just planted on Friday

My lettuce called "salad bowl" lettuce.  It's not growing as fast as it has in years past, but it's coming and that makes me happy.  Here comes summer time salads (well, not exactly yet, but soon :)

This was a different type of lettuce I planted - boo, it never came up!  I replanted it with the salad bowl seeds this past Friday - hopefully it'll come up.

Cherry belle radishes - my husband loves these and they apparently grow SOOO much better than my lettuce.

Sparkler radishes - these are the white on the bottom and red on the top ones -they're hot.  He really enjoys the "heat" of these!
These are 4 day old radishes from the second planting this past Friday.

These are the green onions sprouting from the first planting.
So there you have it - the Wells L garden (for now).  Stay tuned for updates including (I hope) photos of delicious salads!!!!  Do you garden?  If so, in the ground or in containers?  What do you grow? 


  1. I'll bring some tomatoes, which are looking hopeful, and we'll have ourselves a meal! I love the raised cedar bed - such a good idea.

  2. I have planted a few things in the past, usually lettuce, spinach, basil and tomatoes. However, because I'm going to be moving at some point before I get married, I didn't plant anything. Good thing my parents have a garden because I'm going to be RAIDING it this summer. :)

  3. Very nice! You already saw my "garden." :)

    I hope the rabbits can't jump and get in LOL. I was going to suggest a fence for your garden. But this works too :)