Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chapter 2 page 311- a new plan

You may remember a few days ago I announced that I was just ready to get my upcoming half marathon over with.  That it had signed up for it 8 months ago and it has been looming over my head - forcing me to gut out some training despite injuries, despite endless horrible winter weather, and now a record setting soggy spring!!!! In case it's not ringing any bells, you can read about it HERE.  The good news is that we're on the countdown  . . . 6 more wake ups and it'll be in the history books. 

So . . . what's a girl to do with some extra time on her hands thanks to tapering????  You bet, map out the training schedule for my next half marathon - the Fort 4 Fitness (9/24/11).  This race is my "A" race (is that what you all call it?).  This is the half marathon that I want to do my best at.  It's the race that I hope to have a PR - my goal is a sub 3:00 and "C's" goal is a 2:45 (I know you all can run marathons faster than I can run a half . . . sigh - I try my best!).  The other halfs (Geist, St. Louis RnR, and Big Sur) I have on my schedule for this year are just for the pure enjoyment of traveling and socializing (which I happen to be VERY good at - Richelle, I'd like to come to MN next year for a race . . . got one in mind?). 

I digress, I've posted the new training schedule (even though technically I'm not done with the current one - seriously 6 more wake ups makes it practically done, right?!?!) on a page below my header or click HERE ('cuz I know you're DYING to see what's on my plate for the next 18 weeks). 

What race are you training for?


  1. Thank you for asking my opinion on a good race for you to do. I'm so flattered. :) I definitely recommend any of the Team Ortho races. If you're looking for a good half-marathon, I'd recommend the Minneapolis HM, held the first Sunday in June. If you want a shorter race, I'd recommend the Medtronic TC 10-Mile, which is held the same day as Twin Cities Marathon (first Sunday in October). Beautiful course!

    I'm currently training for the Stillwater 10K, held Memorial Day weekend. I hope to PR, which may happen because it's a downhill course. We'll see how my training goes. After that, it's the Red, White and Boom TC Half-Marathon on the 4th of July. Haven't registered for it yet, but I still have time to do that.

  2. @ Richelle - thanks for the racing suggestions - I'll be looking at them. Red, White, and Boom - what a GREAT name! Good luck at your upcoming races!!!!

  3. um yay!!! 6 more sleeps baby!!!! :)

    Then its time to focus on your "A-game" ;) get it? lol ;) yeah ok... lame I know lol ;)

  4. @ Z - you crack me up! SMILE!

  5. You are gonna do amazingly at your race! I can feel it! As for training, I'm training for the ING Hartford Half... and possibly gonna do the Disney Princess Half in Fla. next year.... That's if I don't die in October....

  6. You will do awesome!!

    Cupcake - I am doing the Hartford Half probably too! Its only 20 min from home, and I've run it before. Its a good race!

  7. You are going to do fabulous, just 5 more sleeps now!