Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chapter 2 page 324 - First timers

This is a shout out and recognition for the accomplishments of a few first timers -

I wanted to give a shout out to 2 gals "A" and "T" who are training for their very first half marathon (Fort 4 Fitness on 9/24).  I know "A" through my job - she's amazing. Her training partner "T" brings the fun which we all know is oh so important when looking at a half marathon training schedule.  I'm so proud of these girls -they went 5 miles . . . a distance I'm pretty sure seemed impossibly far a month ago.  Do you know what is even more impressive about these 2 first timers?  They have been talking up their plans and have recruited several of their friends and family to sign up for the half marathon as well.  Talk about inspiring!!!!!!!  Great job ladies!  I hope the training continues to go well. 

Through my blog, I have become friends with a gal in Missori named "A".  "A" is a HOOT!  We exchange emails and she literally cracks me up.  She's the reason that "C" and I are traveling to St. Louis to do the RnR Half in October - so we can meet her!  She has committed to doing her first half marathon in August and has begun her training this week.  She's amazing - she can already run 6 miles and I just know she'll be amazing at her race.  I look forward to reading her emails and following her training journey!  Keep being the strong diva you are, "A"! 

So experienced half marathoners out there in bloggy land - do you have any words of encouragement or advice for these first timers?  I'm sure they would appreciate hearing (reading) everything you would like to offer!  Thanks in advance!



  1. Haha! I love the comic. It's so true!

    I would advise A and T to enjoy themselves. You only get one first half-marathon, so take in the experience... the scenery, the spectators, everything!

  2. Y'all should come to CT and do the ING half in October! :)

  3. My best advice is really build a base. For my first half, I spent a couple months getting comfortable at 5 miles. I think that helps when building mileage - physically and mentally.