Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chapter 2 page 328 - 15 reasons NOT to do TR 114

For those of you who read the last page of the book first, let me start off by saying that despite the following 15 reasons why I didn't want to do this training run (TR 114), 
I did it any way!

15 Reasons I didn't want to do TR 114:
15.  It was late (I started at 8:45 p.m. and got out of the shower after finishing at 10:05 p.m.)

14.  It was still hot and humid (unlike the high of 91 and sun, it was still 82 degrees and 80% humidity)

13.  I had a HUGE amount of pasta for dinner (could this be carbo loading for my run - nope!)

12.  Sitting on the couch and playing with the puppy is a whole lot easier!

11.  I REALLY need to get my winter clothes put away in my closet and break out my summer clothes! (Some of you live in HOT environments, but here in Northern IN, we had a frost warning just 2 weeks ago - not any longer - it's going to be at or above 90 degrees everyday this week - HUGE SIGH!)

10.  My pains are back. . . or maybe they never really left (left shin, right heel - update on that at a later post, gotta talk to the PT first, and right knee)

9. I didn't have a running partner (tonight's run reminded me, as if I have ever forgotten, how much I hate solo running - I'm a social runner for sure!).

8.  I feel so out of shape (I constantly had to remind myself that my wheezing was from the humidity and asthma combo and more importantly, 10 days ago I ran a half marathon).  

7.  This 3 miler felt hard (full disclosure, I'm afraid tomorrow's 4 miler will feel impossible).

6.  This run required me to play a million mind games (it started with setting the interval at :30 & :30 to keep it fresh and as interesting as possible; I even broke out my "new" shoes to make if somehow different; I made bargains with myself - just until I get to the half way point - then to the 1/2 mile left mark; then at one point I bargained to do only 7 more running intervals, but by then I knew that I would reach the end of the route with 7 more intervals)
Don't mind my crappy shin taping job - just wanted to slap some on there rather than run without it.
5.  I got no less than 10 mosquito bites and at least 5 bugs up my nose . . . we're not even going to talk about how many probably flew into my gum (we're just not going to even think about that!).
4.  The sun was setting and although I feel the path is 99.9999% safe, there's always the chance of a creeper lingering in the parking lot.  

3.  I was going to say that I don't even really enjoy running (unlike most all of you reading this), but that sounds so negative.  I think it's honest and accurate.  I enjoy the social aspect of running.  I enjoy the health benefits associated with running.  I kind of enjoy the challenge of running (KIND OF!) - I prefer running to feel do-able!

2.  It's so easy to just skip it one more day!

1.  I've had tummy issues all afternoon . . . and I'm out of the army - the days of "going in the woods" are OVER for me!

BUT despite having 15 "good" reasons NOT to run - I just couldn't bare having another FAIL on my training schedule so . . . 3.0 miles DONE!  Dear God - I have so many more miles to go before I get to my half marathon in September - hoping you all will hang in there with me through them all. . . BECAUSE I'M GOING TO NEED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Here's what I love about this post- the fact that you listed not 1, not 2, but 15 reasons not to run and you STILL went running anyway! You're not alone in this aspect. I sometimes try and talk myself out of doing my mileage but then I look at my training schedule and I think the same as you- I don't want a fail. Keep at it girl! you're rocking!

  2. I am so proud of you! I agree with the previous poster - it's amazing that you didn't let those 15 reasons bring you down. And No. 15 might have gotten me as I saw two people out running on my way home from work and thought they were nuts.

    I promise to cheer you on until F4F and if you ever need a training buddy in the big city, let me know. I mean, if I can run. If not, I'll be a good gal to offer water along a route :)

    You go girl!

  3. Dang girl. For every bad one like this -- think how many good ones theere will be! Way to push through. It was darn hot yesterday!

    For the record, you can just upchuck in the woods. No biggie! That Shut Up and Run woman takes a #2 in the woods on her runs like ain't no thing.

  4. I am sooooo impressed. Just a year ago one reason would have stopped you. Now look where you are. Wish I could have been there to help you, howerver I did get my garden out! Hurray for both of us!!! "L"

  5. Way to push past all those reasons not to run and actually get out there and do it! That is what matters. :)

    It's been hot here, too, and it's going to be worse this weekend. Yuck!