Sunday, March 4, 2012

Chapter 2 page 547–Saturday Scenes including TR 187

Even though my last post was kind of a downer, this one radiates a great amount of happiness.  You see, Saturdays was once again a fitness bonanza!  Here are some photos of the good times . . .
Top Left:  A out-of-focus self portrait taken before Body Pump.  Top Right:  “C” holding the big plate . . . she worked up a sweat today . . . because she rocked heavier weights (GREAT JOB “C”)~
Top Left:  The ‘Pump teacher, Corey demonstrating my LEAST favorite track, Lunges.  Top Right:  Just a photo of my ‘Pump equipment.
Top Left:  A post ‘Pump class photo of “C” and I – we missed Kimberly from HealthyStrides (good luck tomorrow, girl!!!)  Top Right:  In the dark (shocker!!!), I decided to take my 1 year old Beagle  on a 3.1 mile run (details below- they is a victory to be celebrated).
Above:  Pacer the pup and I post run – man was I sweaty despite it being 32* with 10 mph winds. Below:  The mighty Beagle fast asleep before we could drive 5 minutes home. 
GUESS WHAT?  On my 3.1 mile run tonight, I ran 2 miles nonstop.  You know I normally do run/walk intervals, but tonight I walked .5 warm up then ran 2 straight miles, then did a .6 mile power walk to cool down (there was a creeper on the path so I moved with a purpose).  I haven’t run 2 straight miles since I was in the army back in 2000.  WOO HOO!!!!!  It most definitely wasn’t fast (it was pitch dark out plus I didn’t want to die), but it was steady and I did it.  The last half mile of running I got a little tired/sore so I said the Military Phonetic Alphabet (alpha, bravo, charlie, delta . . .)  out loud saying one letter every 4 steps.  I repeated it maybe 4 or 5 times.  It worked perfectly at distracting me and motivating me to keep going.  2 miles nonstop – can you believe that?  ROCK! 
How was your Saturday?