Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Chapter 2 page 556–N2U Cross Training event (March edition)

You all know Kimberly from  Healthy Strides by now, don’t you?  If not, please go click on her blog HERE and get caught up.  Kimberly is an awesome person, a weight loss success (117 pounds lost to date), an amazing runner, and a fantastic mom to the world’s cutest little boy.  Kimberly and I run together sometimes, but lately we’ve been doing Body Pump and Zumba together on Saturdays.


Tonight, though, tonight was the night we were going to do our “New 2 You Cross Training Challenge” activity . . .spinning!  My only experience with spinning was a 15 minute demo class about 3 years ago.  I lasted 10 minutes and hated every second.  The only other thing I know about spinning is that EVERYONE LOVES IT!!!! 


I don’t really have a narrative for my experience so I’ll just lay out the good and the bad.  Here you go:


+You can make the class whatever intensity level you want (add more or less resistance, stand up or sit down if need be)

+Many of the other participants can relate to my“rookie” struggles and were quite nice and funny (even when we were only 5 minutes into the class and I asked “are we there yet?)

+ It’s definitely a very intense workout


- OUCH my booty!!!!!  I used my folded towel as another layer which did help a little, but not nearly enough . . . and my towel fell on the ground while we did some standing hill climbs

- Did I do it wrong?  The teacher said our calves were suppose to be hurting – nope, just my quads!!!!  They were shaking!!!!

- It’s really all about how hard you want to work.  I probably gave it 75-85% effort.  Should have pushed more, but knew I was doing another hard class (circuit class) afterward – needed to keep something in the tank.

-My right knee hurt the entire time – every single revolution of the pedals.  I tend to baby my knees during aerobics classes like Zumba because I am prone to knee pain.

-I’m sure I mentioned my booty REALLY HURTS!!! (I was told about a gel seat cover, but I’m not investing in one of those unless spinning is something I’m going to be doing regularly . . . or again for that matter).

Our class was 45 minutes long (could swear the clocked stopped about 20 minutes in) and was taught by Khandi (see her in the pink shirt behind Kimberly’s shoulder).  Khandi typically teaches the Saturday spinning class as well as Saturday’s super high energy Zumba class.  She too is a weight loss success – loosing over 100 pounds.  She’s like the definition of healthy and fit!  Thanks Khandi for taking the photo of us during class!!! 


Parting thoughts -

Spinning could have a place in one’s (perhaps mine) workout routine.  I enjoyed the challenge.  I think if I were to do this class again, I would make sure that I wasn’t going to double up on workouts!  Spinning is quite enough for one evening.  OHHHH and for sure if I were going to do it again, I’d be getting one (or two) of those gel seat covers!!!!  Also, the teacher made it sound like there were a couple of different types of routines/workouts – more cardio which they apparently did on Monday, more strength which includes standing hill climbs which is what we did tonight.  It might be interesting to check out the other routine types. 

Are you a spinning fanatic or do you avoid it at all costs?


  1. 1. I don't have a gel seat, but always wear padded shorts or skirt when I spin. I remember how much my behind hurt the first time I took a class.
    2. Your spin teacher was awesome to take a pic. So cool.
    3. If I double up, I always spin second.
    4. I like that I can back off (and close my eyes) when I want to. Closing eyes is the best part of spinning.

    Nice workout! Great post. You're the best.

  2. I love Spin! I only have one pair of shorts, well actually a skirt that is padded and I were it occassionally. After going 2x or more a week for the past 6 months the sit doesn't bother me. My husband always does the towel trick on our bike at home, but it doesn't bother me at all.

    I love the ability to make the workout yours!

    I have doubled up and down kickboxing after spin and it was tough. If I double up now I either run before or do hot yoga after.

    In our gym classes are different depending on if it's a Les Mills RPM (then its pretty prest for a couple of months) or a cycling - cycling the instructor gets to make up what they want that day.

    The instructor can make or break the class in my opinion.

  3. I have never tried it - I am a scaredy cat, I know...but it DOES sound like a great workout!

  4. You are crazy and far too kind. Thank you so much for joining me, and I'm sorry your bum is sore. (Mine is just fine, I hate to say.) If you ever want to go again, let me know :)

  5. I'm soooooo behind on all your posts - damb this being busy business!

    I often do a spin/box class 45 minutes of both and I'm always reluctant to go to spin but feel so good afterwards!

    Re your booty - after a few sessions your nethers will harden up and there will be no need for the padding!! Don't waste your money. With your knees sounds like your seat needs to go a little higher ... I know if my seat is too low they ache.

    I so don't know what to do this month for my challenge ... gah!

  6. You are totally AWSOME!! So is Kim at Healthy Strides! I read her posts too. I have never tried spinning but would love to try it. Good for you both for adding something new to your routine!

  7. I've never taken an "ACTUAL" spin class before! I watched a ton of videos online and have a spin bike at home so I try to recreate them but I know it's definitely not the same. I think my backside used to hurt more but it gets much better over time (at least for me)!

  8. Having fun could be easy but having fun and making yourself fit is much better than ever by just doing sports.Aerobics-Videos

  9. I agree with Sammy-if you go to another spin class, you can ask the teacher to check your seat height and handlebar height for you, and then adjust as needed. Aside from your knee pain, the fact that your quads were shaking makes me think your seat was too low. And she's also right about your nethers...the bike seat just takes some getting used to. Every spring when I get back out on my bike, I need a few rides before my body adjusts back to the bike seat and the posture.

  10. I love, love, love my spinning class. well, I did-but the session is over now. you are right-you make it as difficult or easy as you want. gel seats are a huge ++!! I'm impressed that you tried it again!! you rock!!

  11. I absolutely love love love spinning class...yes my booty hurt the first couple of times, but I have purchased a gel seat cover and it is much better on the bum...Definitely is a Great workout and since I'm a runner I need something different on my cross training days...Great post...