Monday, March 5, 2012

Chapter 2 page 548– How do you spell insane?

Tonight, I paid $6 for an “all day” pass to a small town gym that I have never worked out at before.  With the pass I took 3 group fitness classes.  I frequently take 2 classes back-to-back at the Big City gym and have taken 3 before – so, I thought no problem.  WRONG!  These classes were HARD!!!!!  H.A.R.D!!!!  They were NOT for beginners or even intermediates. 

My fitness packed evening started off with Zumba.  It was a pretty spirited class.  We used shakers – how fun are they?!?!  I have never used them before – FUN.  The teacher gave great cues and the moves were MUCH less complicated than some of the other classes I’ve taken.  Here is a picture with the teacher after class -


One bonus of living and working and working out in a small town is that there is a pretty high probability that you’ll know a few folks – YEP, that was the case.  First up, my lifelong best friend Jodi’s sister – my BFF Jodi moved to Atlanta nearly 6 years ago, SIGH!


Then as soon as I walked in I heard “Hi Lisa!”  Then she let it known she was a blog reader – woot woot, thanks “D”!  It was awesome to see you tonight and so glad we could hang out together for the 3 hours of torture fitness!


Next up was what I had hoped to be my New 2 You Cross Training Activity for March . . . a class called “Cardio Blast”.  After talking to the front desk person earlier in the day, I was under the impression that it was going to be primarily aerobic and a whole lot of fun.  Well, it was a fantastically kick A$$ hard workout.  Even though it was actually “new to me” and was at a “new to me” gym – it wasn’t really all that “new”.  It was essentially a circuit/interval class.  The intervals were 3 minutes long – F.O.R.E.V.E.R – holy crackers batman, I thought the class would never end.  It was extremely challenging and I didn’t even do all the high intensity moves – I kept quite a bit of it “low”.  The cool thing about this class was that there was quite a bit of step aerobics mixed in – I haven’t done step class since the late 90’s – that certainly brought back memories.  I even remembered all the words – who knew?  Here’s a picture of me with the teacher after the class.


Finally, my evening ended with a Kettleball/Resist-A-Ball class – sans the regular instructor.  This class was also H.A.R.D!!!!  OMG HARD!  Squats, lunges, squats, lunges, 50 minutes later – more squats and more lunges.  Overall, the entire evening featured WAY TOO MANY squats and lunges for my liking (to be honest, 5 squats and/or lunges is too many for my liking).  I’m seriously hoping someone tells me that squats and lunges will make me a better and faster runner – PLEASE, some good has to come from the crazy torture!  The teacher was funny and smiled a lot – that really helped!  I’ll talk more about this class in a future post because if all else fails – it will be my March N2UCTC activity(hoping my bloggy bestie and I can knock out something much more fun together in March instead though).  Here’s a quickie photo with the teacher after class -


So 3 hours of group fitness classes – 2 of which were strength training based, on the eve of a Body Pump class is INSANE!  That’s me – pooped!


What was your recent insane workout?


  1. I don't know if I could handle three classes back to back like that - you definitely got your money's worth with the gym pass, didn't you?
    So when are you coming down to Atlanta to visit your friend Jodi and little old me?

  2. Awesome. And YES squats and lunges will make you a better runner! (do you feel better now? hehe!) Although you may have a tough time sitting down for a while, lol!

  3. You are amazing!!! Wow. Three classes in a row!?!? Awesome!!!