Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Chapter 2 page 551–TR 188: 10K with “C”

Today’s weather was forecasted to be beautiful (though, windy – sigh!). 

3.7.12 weather

So what’s this fitness focused gal to do?  That’s right – hit the trail with “C” and knock out 6.3 miles.    It was warmer than the forecast, 66* at the beginning, and 20-30 mph winds with gusts above 40 mph.  We nearly didn’t go – it was WINDY!  This is us before we headed out -


We did what we’re best at – talking and laughing every single step of the way.  I have REALLY missed running with “C” – sooooo thankful for our opportunity to get together tonight!!!

We were on the home stretch and cooling down as the sun was setting – made for a lovely photo.


And a final photo of us as we were nearly done -


I know, I’m slacking . . . only one workout today Smile Ha! 

Hope your day was filled with beauty, friends, and fun!


  1. Great run today - and gorgeous weather for a 10k! (Minus the wind!)

  2. I REALLY don't understand how you do it! I very much dislike even minimal exercising. Wow. Keep it up!

    1. Girl - if you worked out with me you would LOVE IT!!!! I promise - I'm a crazy nut and it certainly be fun. Let me know when you're ready to get together!!!!

  3. Awesome job, friend. Way to get out there for the first time in a while and to do it under such conditions! I'm so glad the wind didn't blow you two ladies away.

  4. slacking by only running 6 miles! LOL