Saturday, March 24, 2012

Chapter 2 page 559–Nutri Run 5 Miler Race Recap (TR 181)

After starting the morning off with an hour of body pump, I headed across town to a 5 mile race . . . because that’s always a great idea!
The Nutri-Run is one of the older races in the area.  It’s put on in recognition of National Nutrition Month. Last year, I did this race with MGA ( my girl Ashley who is the world’s great massage therapist and new mother to a cutie!).  This year, after begging and pleading, “C” graciously agreed to run the 5 mile race with me while Kimberly (from Healthy Strides) took the bull by it’s horns and ran the full 20K race. 
Don’t look too hard for the blue gum . . .can you believe I forgot it?  Ohhh the horror!!!  I actually forgot to eat between Pump and the race (who forgets to eat?  and why can’t I forget to eat more often)  so while at the start line I ate a granola bar  - a bit unorthodox, but who cares!
(Let me preface this with a  deep apology to all of my bloggy friends reading this from the Pacific Northwest where they are NOT having awesome weather . . . sorry ladies, don’t hate the player – hate the game!).  We had a fake winter and skipped spring altogether.  The last 2 weeks have, here, have been full on summer leaving us with GREEN grass as well as trees and shrubs in full beautiful bloom.  Here are some snapshots “C” took along the way (sooo glad she is that talented . . .it takes ALL of my effort to keep putting one foot in front of the other!). 
This race was just a fun time for “C” and I to get a few challenging (it’s VERY hilly . . . compared to the rest of Northeast IN) miles in under our belt (Rockstar “C” is running the Indy Mini in May-good luck girl!) so . . . what else would you expect from 2 VERY SERIOUS (NOT!) runners during this race . . . yeah, some photos!
The race director (on the right) who is an all around awesome guy, Casey, and our half marathon teacher who is also an amazingly awesome guy (on the left), Eric (who is running Boston next month – good luck!!!), finished the 20K like 30 seconds after we crossed the line (1:08:50 . .  5 minutes faster than I did this race last year. . . though you all should know that a 5 year old girl beat me by 4 minutes . . . SIGH for me, but WOW for her . . . how GREAT of a runner will she grow up to be!!!!) from doing 5 Miles – they’re that awesome!!! 
Shortly after we finished the race, they gave away age group awards . . . pineapples (it’s a run celebrating Nutrition Month  . . .genius idea!) . . . and guess who won an AG award?  NOPE, not me BUT . . . my super rockstar running partner, “C” – GREAT JOB GIRL!!! 
We were also greeted at the finish line with an imprinted glass that was used to sample 4 flavors of smoothies – oh sooo good! YUMMY!  Kimberly “shared” (not really, just faked it for the camera) her chocolate & PB smoothie with her most adorable son, Miles!
“C” and I waited to cheer on our 2 other friends who were racing the 20K – Kimberly and Jenn.  They both finished in under 2 hours and were incredible!!! You can see the loaf of Panera Sourdough bread we got as a finisher’s prize (Nutrition month . . . awesome swag!)
After the race, we went to Flanagan’s to enjoy a delicious and well deserved lunch!  It was D.E.L.I.C.O.U.S.  (of course, I might have been extra hungry since I forgot to eat between Pump & the race).
Such a GREAT day! Tons of very nice local runners take part in this race and make it that much more enjoyable!!! 
How was your Saturday?


  1. Gotta love those "I love you" hands! :) We had a fake winter and skipped spring too! haha... 86 was the high two days ago lol... I think we're supposed to be getting more seasonal temperatures now... I'm not complaining about the preview of summer tho! ;)

  2. I am super impressed that you did body pump before the race! You are a machine... and you have a recap up already too, you are on the ball! I've never been to Flanagan's - looks good though! We went to FlatTop Grill - needless to say I won't be needing dinner!

    The weather was beautiful for the race, I don't think it could have gotten much better, we sure lucked out. And those first few miles were SO pretty. The "extra" for the 20k was less scenic, but I suppose it was at least a bit flatter!

    So good to see you, maybe I will see you in April at the next race! :)

  3. Oh, and I hope you don't mind if I borrow a few pics? :)

  4. Awesome job, friend! I am super proud that you bested last year's time by 5 minutes - and that's with taking breaks to take pictures. You are doing so fantastic, and I cant' wait to see where you are come fall. Thanks for waiting for me at the finish and hanging out. Oh, and the awesome photos. Pretty sure that one of Mile eating bread will haunt him in 18 years.

    1. Ha ha - carbs . . . YUM YUM YUM!!! He's adorable!!! It was a LOT of fun . . .can't wait 'till the Waddle - think you and your friend will wait for us and then an early dinner or Zumba at TX?

  5. Yummmm your post race food looks delicious! Glad you had a fun race ( and got some sweet swag!)

  6. This race looks incredible! I love the finishing prize (bread, awesome!) and the pineapple for age group winners. Too fun. And yes, you are so right about the trails being my true running love. I just don't feel comfortable running them on my own - but now I've roped Tim into training with me I just can't wait !!!!