Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Chapter 2 page 549–Two for Tuesday

Are you tired of hearing about Body Pump & Zumba?  I’m sorry.  I have a run scheduled for tomorrow and you should (fingers crossed) be able to read all about that on Thursday.  For now, though, I did 2 group classes tonight at the Big City gym – yes, just 2 instead of 3 . . . becoming a slacker ain’t I?!?  Not really – 2 is easy to do and I enjoy it – 3 is just too many (someone remind me of that the next time I think I can do 3 in a row – ha!).
Here are some photos from the evening -
Emily and I – Emily teaches Zumba and also co-teaches Body Pump during the week.  Isn’t she so cute?  She’s so nice – I love having her teach.  Her positivity and fitness promotion is contagious!
Well, that’s me (of course) catching my breath during ‘Pump.  I bumped up the weight on all of my tracks and boy was it super challenging (full disclosure:  I had to lower the weights midway through the biceps track – just too heavy, but was able to hang with the heavier weight on all the other tracks). 
This would be “C” using the middle size weights – she too bumped up her weight on all the tracks tonight.  WOO HOO – great job “C”! 
 “C” and her co-worker
 “C” and her oldest daughter “K” taking a quick breather before the next ‘Pump track.
Remember “D” from last night’s class?  She came to the Big City gym and joined us for ‘Pump!  Soooo fantastic to see her again – hope she liked the class and isn’t going to be too sore.

Do you A.)  make friends easily during group fitness classes?  B.)  bring your own friends with you to class so you know at least one other person?  C.)  keep to yourself?

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