Monday, March 12, 2012

Chapter 2 page 555–Weekly Recap

Last week can be summarized with one expression – “Back on Track, Baby!”  Here’s a little recap of last week, in case you missed any of the action:

Sunday:  I like to call this the calm before the week of super physical activity that lies ahead.  I was within my calories and ready to rock the week.

Monday:  I went to a “new to me” gym in my little town and attended 3 group fitness classes:  Zumba (50 minutes), CardioBlast (a type of circuit/interval class that was 55 minutes), and a Kettlebell class (55 minutes ending with a 15 minute super intense ab workout – awesome).  I had 824 calories left over at the end of the day after eating back some of my exercise calories.

Tuesday:  I did an hour of Body Pump and 45 minutes of Zumba.  I had 430 calories surplus.

Wednesday:  “C” and I went on our first run together in months (6.36 miles) –!  I was perfect with my calories (4 calorie surplus).

Thursday:  Rest day!  Woo Hoo since I was pretty sore from all of the activity earlier in the week.  I was 200 calories over my goal – really disappointing, dang that last minute poor decision to have dessert with dinner (but the small slice of Pecan pie was delicious).

Friday:  Another rest day!  And date night with my awesome husband!  I ended up being 400 calories over my daily goal, but I’m considering this a HUGE victory.  We went to Flat Top Grill and I made healthy choices.  It was the first time I was truly stuffed since I began this MPF tracking – but I was stuffed on healthy veggies.

Saturday:  Body Pump (60 minutes) & Zumba (45 minutes).  I ended up being 600 calories over my goal – not great, but I had a night out with my gal pals!  I opted to bring 3 SkinnyTaste recipes to the party so that I could ensure there were healthier options that I knew the calorie content of.  I wish I had stayed more within my calorie limit though.  Dang wine!

Sunday:  6.3 mile run (including 70 continuous minutes of running – a super accomplishment for me).  I was perfect with my calories today (a small surplus of 4).

Total miles run:  12.6

Total minutes exercised:  548 (according to MFP)

Total calories burned: 5697 (according to MFP)

How was your week?  Thumbs Up or Down?


  1. Look at you go! I just read about your run - HIGH FIVE!! I have only recently been able to run very long without walk breaks, so 70 minutes is something to CELEBRATE!

  2. What a fun week...and way to go on your eating!! Nice work!! :)