Monday, March 26, 2012

Chapter 2 page 560–Miracle Grow

Several years ago, I began dabbling in container gardening – and found it to be fun, easy,and pretty successful.  Last year, we invested in a cedar raised bed and had a bust of a crop with the super hot summer temps.  Given the hottest March in history with 8 straight days in the 80’s (40* above average temps), I’m uncertain what this “spring” and summer holds for our “crops”, but I gave it a go anyway . . .

Today, I planted small carrots, 3 kinds of radishes (for my husband), and 2 kinds of lettuce.


You’ll notice at the back end of the bed there is already green – hmmm, nope, my miracle grow and green thumb aren’t that good to bloom in one day.  It’s actually kind of nuts . . .


Those would be green onions and a lone carrot that I planted last May – that grew nicely over the summer, that we failed to “harvest” before winter, that died during the fake winter, that POPPED UP with the recent heat wave.  Now, we have deliciously LARGE green onions.

Stay tuned for weekly updates (I know you’re on the edge of your seat) on the garden’s progress. 

Do you garden?  What are your “crops”?


  1. How crazy that the green onions survived and even thrived a year later! I would love to begin gardening and I think I will have to give it a little try in the next couple of weeks!

  2. That is really really cool! Me? I kill everything. It's sad actually. It's a wonder our grass even grows. *sigh* Except weeds! Weeds I do really well...

  3. Ugh...this summer kinda scares me. It's been so freaking warm already. I started all my garden seeds in the greenhouse a couple weeks ago. Can't wait for fresh veggies (I also hope the garden does well this year). Stay cool!

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHA I LOVE it! i've such a black thumb, I wish I could get things to grow. (Seriously, I've killed bamboo...)

    I'm anxious to see how your veggies do though. I would like to have a vegetable garden, but as my house is right next to a farm, we have a slight problem with animals eating everything we plant.... BOO!

    Anywho, cute post! Oh! And email me one day soon, we must chat! :)