Sunday, July 18, 2010

Chapter 2 page 100 - how far I've come

First, this is page 100 of my blog. I've done a few posts without page numbers but welcome to my 100th official "page".

Now, for the real reason for this post. I am reading the most hysterical book which has come at such a timely time in my life. It's called "The Non-Runner's Marathon Guide For Women: Get off your butt and on with your training" by Dawn Dais. I must put your fears to rest at once. Despite the book being titled "marathon training", I'm in no way going to begin training for nor participate in a full marathon. No worries - the book also covers the half-marathon distance as well. The book spends a lot of time stressing the importance of keeping a training log. Well . . . I have a training log, it's called a blog. So after reading several chapters (which include exerts from the author's training log), I decided to revisit all of my HMTU entries. I began with the first entry which was back on April 29, 2010. Check it out - it was Chapter 2 page 50.

This post is entitled "how far I've come". Let me detail the highlights of that first HMTU post:

1. training time = 38 minutes ("L" and I did 2 hours 20 minutes last week; "C" and I have done 2 hours 20 minutes during the "great flood")

2. training distance = 2.75 miles ("L" and I did 8.4 miles last week)

3. interval used = 2:2 ("C" and I use 3:1, "L" and I use 2:2)

4. total number of intervals = 7 (currently we can't count that high, ha!)

5. unfavorable weather conditions = windy (I would kill for a little breeze these days)

6. biggest physical complaint = tight lower back (my back hasn't hurt in weeks - it's been replaced with shins and blisters, but even my blisters are getting better)

7. scale 1-10 how hard did I say I worked = 9 out of 10 (any training under 5 miles is nothing more than a 3 or 4 out of 10 these days; I'm reserving 9's for those crazy long runs of 8+ miles we are doing now)

8. anything positive = I said I didn't cough during or after the training (this is still a good thing I'm experiencing)

9. any errors in the post = I said only 45 more training sessions (yeah, I think 45 was too conservative. We are at 31 training sessions and still have like 2 months to go so that's about 24 more sessions . . . give or take a couple)

So just when I thought I wasn't making any progress and thought that I couldn't possibly do this. . . it appears that I've made great strides since day 1. Glory be to God! Praise Him! Your continued prayers are welcomed and graciously accepted.

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  1. That is what we all have been trying to tell you. You have accomplished soooooooo much. Nothing to be ashamed of or belittling yourself over.GOOD JOB!! Woo Hoo!