Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chapter 2 page 98 - HMTU 30

Can you believe today was my 30th training session????? I can't!!! Besides my 100 days in a row at the gym last summer and fall, I'm pretty sure that I've never done something so consistently.

Today's training was with "L" since "C" is still on vacation. "C" sent me a picture of the most amazing view from atop the mountain she and her husband hiked today. It was breathtaking. I really wanted to take a picture of the Wabash river and porta john that is on the greenway and say something cocky, but that just seemed so cruel. I'm so excited for her trip - she needs a little get-away.

"L" twisted my arm to do a short EASY session today. We only went about 2.75 miles - TOO EASY!!!! As soon as we set off across the bridge I said aloud, "Oh my goodness, this will be so short - we've got this - too easy!" The reason for my reaction - I can mentally wrap my head around 3 miles, 4 miles, and maybe even 5 or 6 miles. I just can't grasp the nightmare of 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, or 13 miles. That seems so far BECAUSE IT IS SO FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We used "C's" countdown timer and did 3:1 after a 10 minute warm up. We got 4 intervals done. The entire session was only like 30 minutes - what an awesome time. Would I still get the same benefit if I did that everyday of the week - I think I'd even be willing to do them twice a day if the benefit would be the same as doing those horrific long runs once a week. Tragically, I doubt that the benefit would be the same (boo hoo!). I am looking forward to doing the half-marathon and then not doing another one - just returning to a more normal distance 3-6 miles a few times a week.

Let's talk shoes, shins, and blisters. My heel was still a little sore from the blister draining yesterday so I decided a change of footwear was necessary - a rest from the heel blister causing Asics. I decided that the only "safe" choice was to wear the 7.5 Floats with both the inserts (right shoe had a size 8 insert since I cut up the size 7.5 insert) and my orthotics. My shins were a little sore, but they have been sore so I can't really blame that on these shoes right now. My blisters were NOT a problem with the insoles today. I'm so excited. I will be wearing the Floats during Saturday's race. I'm not sure they will be good for longer distances, but they got me through today.

A note about today's weather. All day we had a heat advisory, but in less than an hour's time the temp dropped more than 25 degrees due to a storm. During our run, it was only 72 degrees, but it was like 98% humidity then halfway through our run - it began raining (great forecasting "L") . . . we got pretty wet. I was thankful to have a cooler temperature, a cloudy day (that sun has been a real killer!), a breeze, and even the rain was a refreshing change of pace from the SUPER HOT HUMID and SUN that is all we have had day after day after day these last 4 months.

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