Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chapter 2 page 106 - HMTU 36

Today's weather was beautiful - 82 degrees, 55% humidity, UV 12 (so it was REALLY sunny) , nice breeze. The shade was MUCH cooler than the sun, but . . . still, a beautiful day!

"L" is enjoying some much deserved time with her daughter (hi "L's" daughter "L" - welcome home, can't wait to see you on Saturday!) who is stationed in England with the USAF so today's training was all "C" and I. We were given strict instructions from "L" to take it easy - no more than 3 miles and just really go slowly since Saturday we are running in the Berne Swiss Days 5K. Gotcha - "C" and I were looking forward to a leisurely 3:1 for 3 miles - especially after the 10 mile nightmare on Monday. We started off with a slow walk for 1/2 mile then did 3:1 for 3 intervals and holy cow, 3 intervals later we had completed 1.75 miles- WHAT! That's a 12 minute mile folks! "C" and I did a 12 minute mile! Now, I get that for all of my awesome running blog friends that is still very slow, but my 5K PR is only 39:11. Wow - we both were breathing heavy and thought this is way too fast. We walked an interval and then did the 3:1 until the last 1/2 mile when we walked to cool down. Crazy! Who knows what got into us . . . I'm going with the beautiful weather!=

Side note - today, I decided to try out my Floats size 8 with both the insoles and orthotics. Great news - my toe nails do not hurt. I can tell they are new shoes - they need some breaking in, but I think we're finally onto something . . . watch PI stop making the dang Floats now. I'm returning the New-Balance 1064s to Fred Toegnes this weekend. I think I have enough pairs of shoes already in the mix (2 pairs of floats and 1 pair of Asics Nimbus).

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