Thursday, July 1, 2010

Chapter 2 page 90 - no HMTU 27

I have been put on the bench for today's training. Sidelined by the dang blister which has gotten worse and worse this week. "C" & "L" are out there (as I type this) running 7.7 miles (I'm so proud of them and jealous I can't hang my hat on that accomplishment too).

I literally have tried everything to fix this blister. I spent 3 hours yesterday trying to make my shoes more comfortable. I have purchased EVERY type of blister treatment and prevention product. I have at least 7 different types of shoe inserts/cushions. I have every kind of tape, padding, coating, bandage, etc. And today - - - I had them all in play trying to create something that would allow me to take strides without excruciating pain. NO LUCK!!!!!! I spoke with my awesome rehab friends "L" & "M" and they both agreed that I should not run today and that allowing the blister to heal should be priority numero uno! In my heart of hearts I knew that nothing good could come to my blister if I ran today, conversely it could become infected and take a week or more to heal which would sideline me more than just one day. See for yourself - sexy, huh?!?!?

I made the first call to "L" and said, "Hey "L", I'm not going to be able to run today." Know what her reaction was??? "OK!" I couldn't believe me she let me off the hook so easily. I was really shocked. I couldn't believe I didn't have to defend my reasons or submit proof (either photo or witness testimony from the PTs). Nope, just "ok!" Really????!!!!???!!! My next call was to "C". Her response, "Ok." Really??? I had stressed out all day not wanting to let my training partners down and to do everything possible to ensure that it was truly serious enough to take the day off of training. I am happy that they both were so understanding, but I hope they haven't come to just accept me as a wimp who quits often.

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  1. this is "L". Both "C" and I how bent you are about this training thing so you didn't need us to add anymore grief.