Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chapte 2 page 89 - HMTU 26

"C" and I must have been delusional, but we made a plan and almost completely stuck to it. We ran 10 minutes then walked 2.5 minutes. We did that twice and decided that we needed to have a 15 minute walk break. After our little walking rest, we were ready to roll for 2 more intervals of 10 minute runs and 2.5 minute walks. The last interval was really tough so we did more of a shuffle than a real run ("L" would have had a heart attack with my midget steps). Although tonight was really a challenge, we ended up running for a full 40 minutes - "C" and I are feeling pretty excited about that accomplishment. . . . and we're pretty sure we don't want to do that too often (smile!).

Blister update - OUCH!!!!! I spent almost 3 hours today messing with my shoes. I was sure that I fixed the problem. I got a foam padding then adhered a layer of moleskin under that. Then, just to make sure it was good, I put a layer of moleskin on the inside of my shoe. The blister I got on Monday had not quite healed and tonight's training only made the sore worse. We're on for 7.7 miles tomorrow - I'm so scared my foot won't be able to go the distance. Still accepting ideas for other ideas on how to fix it. "C" told me to spray antiperspirant on my feet - watch out tomorrow, my feet will be "strong enough for men, but made for a woman!"

Great news - "L" called tonight and said she, her daughter, and son-in-law would all be participating in the Swiss Days 5K race. "C" and I are planning on it, but "L" was a hold out. It's official -she'll be there too. Hooray! She and her daughter will kick my butt, but they'll have a nice mother/daughter time.

More tomorrow - wish me luck!

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