Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chapter 2 page 83 - HMTU 21

My 21st training session - WOW!!!! My most loyal readers (I'd guess there are about 3,000 or so of you - HA!) have endured post after post where I am completely negative about the weather - well, welcome to a change of pace with today's post!!!

The Internet says the weather was 70 degrees (of course, I would guess it was probably closer to 75 degrees while we were actually training) and 89% humidity. Now, that humidity sounds like a sweat-fest waiting to happen, but "C" and I trained in the evening and although it was warm, especially at the beginning, it was sooooooo much more tolerable than so many other sessions (namely - this past Tuesday - see the "HMTU 20" post for more details about that exhibition in dehydration!). I got sweaty, but I'm not drenched and I don't smell like rotting road kill (though, we should probably ask "C" to confirm this fact).

Tonight's training was suppose to be 3 miles! It was suppose to be slow! It was suppose to be only walking! And, it was suppose to be with "C's" friend "D". All I have to say is that it was probably a good thing that "L" wasn't with us because I'm pretty sure that she would have torn up the training schedule right in front of us and said "what's the point of a schedule if you guys NEVER follow it!". This evening we trained in a fantastic new location!!! We're definitely going back there soon!!!! Everyone we passed waived, smiled, and verbalized a friendly greeting!! Refreshing! "C" had known a 3 mile route and we started off doing it but we got to talking and one story led to another story which led to another story and in order to get all the stories in, we had no choice but to go one more block, then one more mile, and before we knew it we had walked probably 6 miles in a leisurely time of 1:48. So as far as our original goals: slow, 3 miles, "D", & walking - we accomplished only 2 of the 4 (slow & walking) - sorry "L" that we didn't stick with the schedule . . . . . . . . again! "D" chickened out . . . again! Come one "D", you'll fit right in so buck up and come on!!!!!! (readers - was that too harsh since I don't even know "D"? Nothin' but love from me "D" - just trying the tough love motivational method. Stay tuned to see if it works, she is invited to join us next Wednesday)

I wore some different socks during this training session - no good. I now have blisters under the blisters I got on Tuesday. One is big and looks like it should be drained. Those of you know me, know I am a chicken and that's not likely to happen. "C" you're a picker, are you a blister popper too? "C" recommends Smart Wool Socks - so I'm going to wrap up this post so I can do some Internet buying. If anyone out there has recommendations for blister prevention - I would REALLY love to hear (or read as the case may be) your thoughts!!

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